Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 0.44m
Platform: Xbox 360Also on: PlayStation 3
Developer: High Moon Studios Genre: Action

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
07th June 2008539,808N/AN/A
14th June 2008514,801-62.8%N/A
21st June 200859,702-34.5%N/A
28th June 2008523,385141.0%N/A
05th July 2008521,970-6.1%N/A
12th July 2008513,274-39.6%N/A
19th July 2008510,196-23.2%N/A
26th July 200858,417-17.4%N/A
02nd August 200856,548-22.2%N/A
09th August 200855,729-12.5%N/A
16th August 200855,013-12.5%N/A
23rd August 200854,581-8.6%N/A
30th August 200854,017-12.3%N/A
06th September 200853,608-10.2%N/A
13th September 200853,394-5.9%N/A
20th September 200853,183-6.2%N/A
27th September 200853,2261.4%N/A
04th October 200853,028-6.1%N/A
11th October 200852,761-8.8%N/A
18th October 200852,7660.2%N/A
25th October 200852,718-1.7%N/A
01st November 200852,590-4.7%N/A
08th November 200852,7907.7%N/A
15th November 200853,07110.1%N/A
22nd November 200853,57316.3%N/A
29th November 200854,57628.1%N/A
06th December 200854,440-3.0%N/A
13th December 200855,68328.0%N/A
20th December 200856,32111.2%N/A
27th December 200855,631-10.9%N/A
03rd January 200952,811-50.1%N/A
10th January 200951,760-37.4%N/A
17th January 200951,344-23.6%N/A
24th January 200951,169-13.0%N/A
31st January 200951,137-2.7%N/A
07th February 200951,024-9.9%N/A
14th February 200951,014-1.0%N/A
21st February 200951,0352.1%N/A
28th February 20095819-20.9%N/A
07th March 2009593313.9%N/A
14th March 20095891-4.5%N/A
21st March 20095748-16.0%N/A
28th March 20095713-4.7%N/A
04th April 20095634-11.1%N/A
11th April 2009589841.6%N/A
18th April 200951,41557.6%N/A
25th April 200951,372-3.0%N/A
02nd May 200951,62018.1%N/A
09th May 200951,6793.6%N/A
16th May 200951,321-21.3%N/A
23rd May 200951,169-11.5%N/A
30th May 20095949-18.8%N/A
06th June 20095877-7.6%N/A
13th June 20095845-3.6%N/A
20th June 20095778-7.9%N/A
27th June 20095720-7.5%N/A
04th July 20095564-21.7%N/A
11th July 2009590259.9%N/A
18th July 200952,316156.8%N/A
25th July 200954,38689.4%N/A
01st August 200954,85910.8%N/A
08th August 200953,825-21.3%N/A
15th August 200952,560-33.1%N/A
22nd August 200951,486-42.0%N/A
29th August 200951,055-29.0%N/A
05th September 200951,17211.1%N/A
12th September 200951,32713.2%N/A
19th September 200951,3461.4%N/A
26th September 200951,3903.3%N/A
03rd October 200951,308-5.9%N/A
10th October 200951,3080.0%N/A
17th October 200951,47012.4%N/A
24th October 200951,6069.3%N/A
31st October 200951,436-10.6%N/A
07th November 200951,330-7.4%N/A
14th November 200951,3602.3%N/A
21st November 200951,3811.5%N/A
28th November 200952,20859.9%N/A
05th December 200955,957169.8%N/A
12th December 2009511,41591.6%N/A
19th December 2009514,56927.6%N/A
26th December 2009510,081-30.8%N/A
02nd January 201053,733-63.0%N/A
09th January 201052,489-33.3%N/A
16th January 201052,195-11.8%N/A
23rd January 201052,129-3.0%N/A
30th January 201051,851-13.1%N/A
06th February 201051,461-21.1%N/A
13th February 201051,216-16.8%N/A
20th February 20105706-41.9%N/A
27th February 20105556-21.2%N/A

Global Annual Summary (Units)


Note, data for this region is incomplete.


huaxiong90 (on 10 April 2010)
This game wasn't bad. Shooting is awful
and it's very repetitive, but the
fighting mechanics in this game as well
as the QTE events are ace. The driving
segment would've been great if the
driving mechanics weren't so bad.
mightymek (on 04 May 2009)
I think this is a great game. It's
very fun. I love the car chase scene
the best.
KenpoJuJitsu3 (on 12 February 2009)
This game is a bit of a hidden gem.
Went under a lot of peoples radars but
it's really fun. Short but sweet.
ClaudeLv250 (on 16 July 2008)
I remember there being a lot of buzz
forthis and all of a sudden...nothing.
Barozi (on 11 June 2008)
The game is actually really fun.
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