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05/02/08 Sega
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05/02/08 Sega

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Iron Man - Summary

Immerse yourself in hardcore shooting action and explosive combat from the film as well as exclusive content created just for the game. With freedom to move anywhere in the environment, customize your Iron Man suit and seamlessly transition between ground combat and open air flight as you battle against armies of fighter jets, tanks, armored Super Villains and more. You are a One Man Army. You are Iron Man.


  • DEVASTATING WEAPON - Iron Man alone battles armies of fighter jets, military tanks, armored Super Villains and more.
  • POWER CONTROL - Players will direct power to different parts of Iron Man’s suit, creating a variety of unique attacks.
  • CHAOTIC BATTLEFIELDS - Open-ended battlefields create adrenaline packed combat filled with unpredictable challenges.
  • BEYOND THE MOVIE - The game includes additional plotlines and characters from the Iron Man Comic Universe that are not featured in the movie.
  • OPEN WORLD - Players have complete freedom to move anywhere in the environment and make seamless transitions between ground combat and open air flight.

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 37,262 11,895 10,541 59,698
2 n/a 24,013 13,644 8,786 46,443
3 n/a 16,404 11,585 6,757 34,746
4 n/a 12,761 9,175 5,310 27,246
5 n/a 11,280 7,134 4,369 22,783
6 n/a 10,607 6,956 4,191 21,754
7 n/a 9,770 6,792 3,988 20,550
8 n/a 8,611 5,761 3,440 17,812
9 n/a 7,168 4,691 2,829 14,688
10 n/a 6,627 3,695 2,401 12,723

Opinion (8)

sexc_abbas10 posted 21/10/2009, 01:19
lol, god i love game where you can fly as the chartacter, i bloody love them like this SPYRO etc
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Heavenly_King posted 05/01/2009, 07:25
2,280,000 units sold in all gaming devices (consoles + portables). Nice sells
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MontanaHatchet posted 13/06/2008, 04:12
Surprisingly good sales and legs. Iron Man sure is a popular movie to put up these kinds of numbers.
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ils411 posted 03/06/2008, 07:18
yes, i went there, bought this game and dear lord!! this a good example of a great idea gone bad...
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Fel_Br posted 27/05/2008, 08:30
I liked the demo, but I'm not buying it =(
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lloyd_yayo posted 19/05/2008, 03:28
i actually like this game. i saw the movie, i played the demo, so i bought the game and i like it. mind you im not even an iron man fan, i knew nothing of him till the movie came out. the combat to me is very good for iron man. being able to grab missles and throw him, break helicopters with your hand and shoot different weapons that you can upgrade adds to the game. and just having a huge enviorment to fly around in is amazing to me.
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