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10/31/98 Melbourne House
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01/01/98 Infogrames

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Real-time strategy/action game, set on a earth after a Nuclear War where three factions are in conflict. One group is a race that evolved on the surface and was mutated by the radiation and uses mutant animals in place of technology. Another is a race that developed underground, free from the effects of the radiation, that employs conventional vehicles and weapons. The third is a group of robots.

Several new unit types have been added over previous editions of KKND. There is a selection of scenarios for each side in the conflict and the structure allows you limited choice over which missions to attempt. There is also a mission editor. The game is played on an isometrically-viewed landscape and the gameplay involves resource management and combat.

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Screenshots Added Phobos 02nd Feb 2009
Screenshots Added Phobos 02nd Feb 2009

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Peterisyum posted 11/03/2009, 12:33
omg im the same. in my opinion best rts evar. my god remember the flying bomb bees. and the worms goo towers. and the crab missle guys and the series nine sea helmets of electric doom. thats what got me into rts and gaming dude
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Phobos posted 02/02/2009, 01:17
How I loved this game. Good old times.
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