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Chou Zetsurin Jin Beraboh Man



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01/01/90 Turbo Technologies
07/13/90 Namco
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The village of Nitta has been invaded by the army of Dr. Bomb, an evil scientist who is plotting to take over the world. Facing this crisis is Bravoman, who received his powers from Alpha Man to stand up against Dr. Bomb in the name of justice. The village of Nitta consists of 22 stages - action stages that take place on the ground and shooting stages that take place underwater.

Action stages use a unique control system in which the height of a jump and the distance of an attack changes depending on how long players hold down the button. Players collect the Luck Symbols that appear when they defeat enemies and give them to Lottery Man to get recovery and power-up items. Stop Dr. Bomb and bring peace to the village of Nitta and the rest of the world.

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piggychan posted 28/09/2008, 04:00
also known as Beraboh man in japan.

cool and strange arcade/platform game.. kinda like namco's answer to megaman
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