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Sadness - Summary


        The study of fear and the borders of human imagination... A trip to the darkest corners of consciousness, in all of us... A trip to the hell of the subconscious and not necessarily to return...
This gothic horror (atmosphere) is not the game of the action. If you're counting on shooting, litres of blood and piles of dead bodies then unfortunately you won't find this here. We are preparing for a mood which will not leave you till the very end of the game. An irregular scenario decides on such issues as schizophrenia or narcolepsy. Apart from an extremely complex and rich-in-the-shocking-factor scenario, the power of our production is innovative use of the Wii controller.
Sadness is black and white psychological horror game in which you control Maria - Victorian age aristocrat trying to protect her 8 year old, blind son from monsters trying to get him. Action is set on the verge of XIX and XX century, in ruins in woods of Russian Empire. Entire game focus on psychological aspects of fear and player interactions with Alexander.


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bratislav posted 06/05/2009, 05:24
i hope this is not vaporware. maybe e3 2009
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damkira posted 07/02/2009, 05:57
I have given up all faith that this game would ever be released.

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DOLBYdigital posted 18/01/2009, 10:12
Actually they did update their site with some screenshots so I still believe ;)

Not that it matters since there are way too many good games coming out in 2009.
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Man posted 13/03/2008, 01:14
Ummm...im pretty sure we can say this game doesnt exist now. Its been a ridiculously long time since any news, and still no screenshots.
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SleepWaking posted 03/03/2008, 07:58
Nibris ltd. is an official Nintento Wii and Nintendo DS developer

this is up on there site, this pretty much confirms this isn't a sham.
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SleepWaking posted 03/03/2008, 07:42
Well at least they weren't lying about the new site, Hopefully new info soon. I support Nibris they are real Nintendo fans.
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