Titanfall 2

Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 1.37m
Platform: PlayStation 4Also on: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
Developer: Respawn Entertainment Genre: Shooter

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
29th October 20161191,819N/A191,819
05th November 2016285,517-55.4%277,336
12th November 2016393,2579.1%370,593
19th November 20164123,19032.1%493,783
26th November 20165259,292110.5%753,075
03rd December 20166159,866-38.3%912,941
10th December 2016783,820-47.6%996,761
17th December 2016864,388-23.2%1,061,149
24th December 2016967,2384.4%1,128,387
31st December 20161034,732-48.3%1,163,119

Global Annual Summary (Units)



greencactaur (on 16 November 2017)
man this game was so good. Wish it sold
more. Hopefully Titanfall 3 will not
release at the same time as a
battlefield game >.>
NoirSon (on 03 January 2017)
EA is the publisher for both Battlefield
and Titanfall, why they decided to put
out Titanfall right after Battlefield 1,
when they gave Battlefield a massive
amount of marketing is dumb. Even though
one is scifi and another is historical
they have to know they are competing
against themselves right?
tokilamockingbrd (on 12 December 2016)
No one should be releasing a shooter
against CoD AND Battlefield. This would
have done much better had it launched
mid year in 2017. Sort of like what
Overwatch did this year.
xabimayez (on 08 December 2016)

William . I can see what your
saying... Raymond `s article is
surprising, last week I bought a top of
the range Acura from making $4608
this-past/month and-a little over,
$10,000 this past month . with-out any
question its the easiest work I've ever
had . I began this five months/ago and
almost straight away startad bringin in
minimum $82 per-hr
oniyide (on 29 November 2016)
the sad thing is this is actually a very
good game. Hopefully black friday helped
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