First Grainy Picture of Project Cafe Leaked

by Chris Arnone, posted on 22 April 2011 / 17,258 Views

The rumors have been unending about the next generation Nintendo home console, codenamed Project Café. This picture (courtesy of Destructoid) shows what looks like a slide from a developer's conference.

Since that text on the slide is a bit small, here's what it says:

"Project Cafe is simply the most developer friendly SDK the industry has ever seen. Deliver unparalleled next generation performance at current generation costs. It doesn't get any easier than this."

The slide also talks about easy portability from PC and Xbox 360, anytime live updating, and integrated M-Live framework.

Looks like Nintendo may be trying to avoid the development issues the PS3 ran into when it first hit the market.

Do you think this is what the next Nintendo console will really look like or is this mock-up oh-so-temporary?

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spurgeonryan (on 26 April 2011)

I wonder if they will be putting a bunch of wii and gamecube gameson the new systems virtual consol? I wonder if Nintendo will try to save a buck and re-release a bunch of their wii games as HD versions. TWighlight hd, galaxy hd, etc.

kaiqi28 (on 25 April 2011)

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MARCUSDJACKSON (on 25 April 2011)

never know?

Podings (on 25 April 2011)

@errorpwns Looks quite snazzy, if a bit purposefully "hardcore".

iasta (on 25 April 2011)

Seems fake to me, first by properties the images went through photoshop. Also the orientation on the text didn't match the orientation of the screen border to me... After, as some people i am waiting for E3 for the real information because as Miyamoto said, there are no fumes without fire...

TheShape31 (on 24 April 2011)

Just as easily as this picture could be fake, it could be real. I've tested games on early dev kits, and I can tell you first hand that they don't look much like what you end up seeing at retail. But then again, someone at home could have made this in a few hours. So unless someone here tests some games on an early NintendoHD (or NHD) dev kit, we may never know. And by the way, I do believe they're going to use the name NintendoHD. That way we'll get all of the big first party games being called MarioHD, ZeldaHD, etc. just like they did with the '64' and '3D' monikers.

MichaelH (on 24 April 2011)

Looks like the back of my phone

DaimyoNintendo (on 24 April 2011)

Well the glimpse of the console which we get shows off a sleek sexy console. But this reminds me of a fan made PS3 concept I saw years ago. Here is the link!160159/what-ps3-shouldve-been ....and some other concepts you may remember when we were all trying to figure out what the hell this Nintendo Revolution was.

Zebastian von Kane (on 24 April 2011)

This looks like Sony encased itself by bulding its own technology. Cafe sharing most AMD technologies (possibly even x360) will make Nintendo really competitive and we can finally see the games we wanted on Nintendo's platform. All I ask is Zelda.

TheConduit (on 24 April 2011)

Cool. Looks like its has a nice sleek design with nice shiny covering. Will fit well with other appliances. Hopefully it will have Blu ray (or at least similar storage size format) given how much DVDs have been shown to restrict current generation consoles this gen aka Xbox 360. Would buy Skyward Sword if the Wii 2 launched with it.

Michael-5 (on 23 April 2011)

I bet the next Nintendo will be small like the Wii. Black isn't trendy, so if they release it in black, I expect another colour to come alongside it.

makingmusic476 (on 23 April 2011)

For all we know this could be fake. Why is the article treating the photo as if its totally legit?

BlkPaladin (on 23 April 2011)

I forgot to add that usually when they do presentations such as this with the release date so close they would have the official name and wouldn't be using the Project name.

haxxiy (on 23 April 2011)

Spelling errors and the font of the Nintendo logo is wrong. Move on guys.

BlkPaladin (on 23 April 2011)

The cell is the main reason it costs so much. It is now an obsolete processor and there is no more R&D going on to make it cheaper because IBM opted out of the project. The graphic chip itself really isn't anything impressive (At least not any more) The Omph came from the cell chip and Intel now has the Sandy Bridge which does a similar thing.

disolitude (on 23 April 2011)

"better than PS3 graphics" expensive? A 100 dollar retail GPU today will blow PS3 out of the water in terms of performance. Thats after the packaging takes a cut, retail store takes a cut, GPU manufacturer takes a cut. For 50 bucks Nvidia and AMD can deliver a GPU to Nintendo which will make the console run circles around X360 and PS3. The reson PS3 is still expensive is because of teh cell. Even bluray drives can be bought for 40 bucks these days...

sirroman (on 23 April 2011)

@noirson: "better then PS3 graphics: EXPENSIVE"? not really. It was expensive in the past, now it's really cheap. Heck, with the new 28nm generation GPU our minds will blow!

NoirSon (on 23 April 2011)

Pssht, where is the fabled touch screen controller? Nintendo has strived to make their systems easier and cost effective for developers form a development stand point the last ten years or so. They just usually undermine it with their choice of media (GC's mini discs, Wii's controller etc). These rumored controllers sound insane being Nintendo like (simplicity of a touch screen) and at the same time striving for something that is not Nintendo like (a 6" inch touch screen plus buttons, two analogs and better then PS3 graphics? EXPENSIVE).

NinjaV (on 23 April 2011)

fake...I'll wait for E3 or an announcement from nintendo...

HokageTenshi (on 23 April 2011)

looks kinda cool... ^^

Tomatko (on 23 April 2011)

@bmmb1, of course. i agree :) I was just curious, that they didn't mention PS3 :) That`s why i say, what i say :) I know, it has something with the portability.. BUT.. if it is only rumour or not, there is still only PC and XBOX.. not PS3 :)

bmmb1 (on 23 April 2011)

@Tomatko, why do you think going for "power and easy portability" is Nintendo changing their mind? They look at what prevented them from selling even more with the Wii and want to fix that. Now if this is all that is going to happen with the N6, then yes, they "changed their mind". But I doubt that will be the case. With the Wii, in order to get the special features, they had to make sacrifices in some other areas. Probably didn't have the R&D budget. With the N6, after the success of the Wii, they have a lot of money to work on both the special features (whatever these will be) AND making the new console have power and easy portability.

Tomatko (on 23 April 2011)

hmm.. so first Microsoft change their mind with the motions (kinect) from Ninty.. now Ninty change their mind according to Micro (power and easy portability) :) :D do they want to co-operate or join thmeselves ? :) Well. nintendo online service was a big fail.. if they will learn from MS (sony sorry).. hm..woow.. that would be a really hard competition for Sony in the future :D OK OK.. just sarcasm :)

bmmb1 (on 23 April 2011)

bmmb1 bmmb1 0 minutes ago While this may be fake, it makes complete sense. A major problem the Wii had that Nintendo acknowledged was the uneven stream of games, with several too long periods of "droughts". To solve this, one thing Nintendo said they will do is spread their game releases more evenly. But the second part of the equation is 3rd parties. By making the N6 easy to develop for, and a no-brainer for multi-platform games, any potential drought periods would be alleviated by 3rd parties. Just think of all the past "droughts" - what if Nintendo had spread their own releases more evenly on the one hand, and all PS360 multi-platform games would have also come out on the Wii. While 3rd parties might forego developing N6 exclusives if that occurs, it is anyway Nintendo exclusives that make or break a Nintendo system, and eventually, if the market is there and developing for PS4/720 might be too expensive, 3rd party exclusives for the N6 might come up anyway, if it is much cheaper and easy to develop for.

mchaza (on 23 April 2011)

if this is true: Nintendo is aiming for the current PS360 crowd, Now in order to win some new players from that crowd they have to 1. Have an better online system then PSN and XBL and be free (that includes no stupid friend codes). 2. Dont become the PortBox loaded with PS3/360 ports. 3. Nintendo funds an heap of exclusives for the system that use its power. If they are doing above and dont do the 3 above, then it will be an dreamcast.

Reebokanonymous (on 23 April 2011)

NightDragon83 has got it down. No need for name-calling though ;_;

nuckles87 (on 23 April 2011)

nuckles87 nuckles87 0 minutes ago "Next gen performance at current gen costs". Considering the likes of Xbox 360 and PS3 have not been "next gen" for awhile now, this more or less confirms that this is going to be considerably more advanced than any existing competition. While I'm sure PS4/Xbox Next will be even more powerful, it won't be nearly the kind of graphical difference there was between Wii and the HD twins. Provided, of course, this leak is even real.

usrevenge (on 23 April 2011)

blugamer your a moron if you think minecraft is too graphic intensive for xbox.... a HD version called fortress craft is already on the indie game market.. either way, Wii2 will probably be below the curve on the graphic market.. and unless they make a good controller( they would pretty much have to copy 360) they won't attract the gamer crowd to begin with.

dany612 (on 23 April 2011)

PS3-cooking grill 360- small electronic heater I saw this looks wayy better lmao

tripleb2k (on 23 April 2011)

looks ugly

Kenryoku_Maxis (on 23 April 2011)

Looks okay to me. Slightly edgy to draw in the PS3/360 crowd, but compact like the Wii. I still consider it a fake image until E3 however.

BluGamer23 (on 22 April 2011)

and again the ps3/360 people cries out.. 'it wont have better gfx' ...'I wont buy it'.... 'looks awful'.. says the morons! ps3/360 are 6 year old hardware... gfx is already dated years ago.. compare pc crysis2 to console crysis2.. its basically watered down version so to speak. Heck even the 'pixelated' minecraft the HD twins cant handle!

axt113 (on 22 April 2011)

Judging by Miyamoto's comment's I would best this is one of those consoles that never actually end up being produced. He seems to hint that the rumors of the console and the controller are not something to be believed

Roma (on 22 April 2011)

guys do you seriously think they will go back to a more traditional way of controlling games? fake!!

ssj12 (on 22 April 2011)

What NightDragon said.

teigaga (on 22 April 2011)

@Fededx its supposed to be a developers conference as opposed to a press conference, so im sure normal conventions dont apply.

NightDragon83 (on 22 April 2011)

It's just a development kit, morons. Development kits don't look anything like the final designs of the actual consoles they're based on. More often than not, they basically look like PC towers. And the statement that says it has easy portability from PC/360 simply means it's easy for developers who work primarily on PC/360 development kits to port their games over the Wii 2 (or whatever it may be called).

Fededx (on 22 April 2011)

Fake... Nintendo would never say something like "easy portability from PC and Xbox 360" Nice try though...

UnknownFact (on 22 April 2011)

Wow that box looks awful.

teigaga (on 22 April 2011)

cant people still think this is a rumour, at ign they have a article which essential promises that this is not just hearsay and that they have a really reputable source. Also every major wensite is presenting it like its fact, i doubt they could all be that reckless

teigaga (on 22 April 2011)

@thismeintiel i would't say that they're playing catch up, they specifically state "unparalleled next generation performance" which means its beyond any current gen console. The significance of the portability is probably down to the fact that, nintendo isnt expecting many developers to jump onto a entirely new console when the ps3 and 360 are at their peak with a combined userbase of over 80m.The ease of portability, will mean big titles like GTA5,COD etc would easily be ported preventing the software shortages we've seen in previous launches. Im sure if nintendo's console is offering the most definitive versions of popular multiplatform games, as well as a handful of ground built titles you expect to see in a consoles launch window, people will find far more of enticing purchase. Its inevitable that ps4/720 will be more powerfull as they are lauching letter but i expect the difference to be more comparable to the ps2 and the Xbox as opposed to a generation gap like wii/HD consoles. If so, nintendo's head start is going to give them a massive advantage

rutea7 (on 22 April 2011)

@dany612.... uh there's already bigger resolutions than 1080p although it doesnt really matter cause resolution is one thing and graphics is another.

dany612 (on 22 April 2011)

i mean the Nintendo PlayExtreme...opps i just leaked the final name

dany612 (on 22 April 2011)

@thismeintiel How better can the graphics go? You cant go beyond 1080p, and the Wii will be capable of that.

APKenna (on 22 April 2011)

A coffee maker!!!! They were not kidding...I'll pass on it.

MattAnderson (on 22 April 2011)

I thought it was rumored to look like a futuristic SNES?

thismeintiel (on 22 April 2011)

Looks like Nintendo is going with a similar look to last gen with their next gen systems. The 3DS looked almost exactly like a DS and this lokks almost exactly like a Wii. And if this is real, the statements that the Nintendo is only basically playing catch up with the 360/PS3 are correct, since they are promoting the easy porting of games from the 360. Which also means that the PS4/720 are going to blow this away completely in terms of graphics. I think Nintendo is going to have a hard time next gen.

KylieDog (on 22 April 2011)

My friend has a wireless router that looks identical to that.

A Bad Clown (on 22 April 2011)

If this and the other pictures are real, Nintendo might be making a streaming console (like OnLive). The difference I think would be that the system would stream the purchased games to those controllers with screens.

miz1q2w3e (on 22 April 2011) The controller shown here is actually the mock-up controller IGN made

Nate (on 22 April 2011)

This is likely legit, cause development cost is has been a chief Nintendo concern since the GC days. If it's fake, then it's not from a typical fanboy.

MattOfSteel (on 22 April 2011)

All I want to know is will this thing be able to serve me coffee?

gvangoeverden (on 22 April 2011)

Maybe a few years back i would say fake, But over the last few years every rumor has ended up being real. This is the age of the internet where nothing is a secret anymore and everything gets outed before companies want

PhalanxCO (on 22 April 2011)

It's AI-Live Framework, not M-Live Framework.

siavm (on 22 April 2011)

Looks fake to me. Until E3 every thing is a really fake rumor.

elmerion (on 22 April 2011)

What are you doing Nintendo!? I fear the worse

specialops787 (on 22 April 2011)

Looks like a rounded off black Wii.

gunslinger (on 22 April 2011)

It looks like a giant lighter.

Jumpin (on 22 April 2011)

It looks like something that will assimilate me into the Borg Collective.

teigaga (on 22 April 2011)

OMG!!!!(screams like a teenage girl) *dies* E3 cant come any sooner. Lately i've wanted to bomb nintendo HQ, they better not fail me again!!

riders42 (on 22 April 2011)

Well it doesn't show much but looks kinda cool