Final Fantasy XIII: New Scans Featuring New Character

by Gabriel Franco, posted on 17 September 2009 / 21,277 Views




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rexwong (on 22 September 2009)

Charming Girl, Hope to have a happy ending of her, PS3 is a must.

XanderZane (on 19 September 2009)

The love stories in there FF XIII are usually pretty lame anyways. She does look like she's under 18. I guess Japan doesn't have a laws against teens dating/marrying adults. Most of the Japa anime's have old men flirting with teenage girls anyways.

Brendeldas (on 19 September 2009)

Fucking spoil. Anyway, she looks far less attractive than her onee-san.

Soriku (on 19 September 2009)

She's based off any regular fashionable girl in Japan. Not very uncommon for designs to be like that.

Kenryoku_Maxis (on 19 September 2009)

@gichti What do you expect? She's probably based off a JPOP idol or model who is 70 pounds in real life.

elmerion (on 18 September 2009)

I hate the character desing... btw.. where is the pedobear i cant see him on the pic

Pristine20 (on 18 September 2009)

so she's engaged at 15?

srank (on 18 September 2009)

I think the people complaining about Lightning character model because she looks like Cloud (don't really see it) are forgetting that Cloud - like virtually every Final Fantasy male protagonist - looked like a chick...

indodude (on 18 September 2009)

Nice shoes

lolita (on 18 September 2009)

Snow's fiance? O_o She looks like she's 15 and he looks like 29...

JSTEENBOY (on 18 September 2009)

OMG no way I think I am in love! RT

gichti (on 18 September 2009)

looks anorexic

gustave154 (on 18 September 2009)

yeah someone in FF finally gets married.

WarmachineX (on 18 September 2009)

bout time we got some more girls in this game

V-r0cK (on 18 September 2009)

Is she a playable character? if so she'll definately be in my line up =)

weaveworld (on 18 September 2009)

I for one think it is great that all the characters have intense relations with each other. Be prepared for a heartbreaking story.

XlPackratlX (on 18 September 2009)

@KylieDog How do you know? Have you played the game entirely yet?

realill (on 17 September 2009)

She will die in the beginning and he will got his revenge. For sure :)

Kenryoku_Maxis (on 17 September 2009)

Oh look, now Barbie Cloud has a little sister.

KylieDog (on 17 September 2009)

NOOOOOOOOOOO! It is gonna have a crappy love story!

frictionini (on 17 September 2009)

so most of them will have a strong relationship w/ each other from the start eh, good.

krimoz911 (on 17 September 2009)

I wouldn't get excited about this already. I will wait until "it" is confirmed to be a female, with SE nowadays you never know.

wwmli (on 17 September 2009)

She becomes a piece of CRYSTAL?? what?? Oh I love those legs...

Soriku (on 17 September 2009)

Nice character. She looks better than Lightning when it comes to looks. And yeah, FF XIII's outfits do seem pretty normal :P Serah's design looks like something some Japanese girls might wear.

huaxiong90 (on 17 September 2009)

If I'm not mistaken, she's Lightning's sister.

everdom (on 17 September 2009)

Am i the only one whos kinda uninspired by the character designs? they all just seem far too normal! bring back the interesting designs from past FF's instead of having characters wear things that normal people would actually wear!

Seraphic_Sixaxis (on 17 September 2009)

Whoa hoo, hoooooooooo!!! DAMN!! getting this game just for this now. she looks WAY better then her older sister whom of which looks like a cloud! Damn man, Snow is one lucky video game man! But now that theres a FULL pic of her... she does look like that chick from the pervy show! thats higly off-putting...

forest-spirit (on 17 September 2009)

Will we have upskirt pics???

darthdevidem01 (on 17 September 2009)

FF13 is turning out to look like sucha gem, we don't get games like these released I hope it sells so much & is a breakthrough title.....its deserves it!

forest-spirit (on 17 September 2009)

It's not a true JRPG without some lolita goodness XD. On the last pic I can see she looks a little like that Bible Black girl <3 Hopefully Serah won't follow her destiny. Btw, Snow is such a pervert...

Smashed (on 17 September 2009)


SHMUPGurus (on 17 September 2009)

I will say this: She looks better than Lightning fo' sho!

darklich13 (on 17 September 2009)

The more I see of this game, the more I want it. Sometime I just go to the Final Fantasy XIII website just to listen to the music.

outlawauron (on 17 September 2009)

Looking good!

darthdevidem01 (on 17 September 2009)

New Scans featuring Sexy new character should be the j/k some people don't like how she looks :(