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Fallout 76 Has a Strange Outbreak of Class Warfare

Fallout 76 Has a Strange Outbreak of Class Warfare - News

by Patrick Day-Childs , posted on 07 November 2019 / 870 Views

Fallout 76 had a rocky launch last year and those woes have continued into 2019. The most recent controversy to embroil the game was Bethesda's decision to release a subscription service for the game, called Fallout First. This was, to say the least, not well received by most of the gaming community.

Being a member of Fallout First gives players access to private worlds, unlimited storage, exclusive cosmetic items, and a number of other perks. Some angry Fallout 76 players who refuse to pay for the $100 per year subscription service have apparently been harassing and berating those who are signed up, although incidents seem sporadic.

In response, a community group called the Apocalyptic Aristocracy formed. One of the founding members, VectorZarak, explained why to Polygon:

"There was a real change in the dynamic as people flooded in. The anti-subscription players had become very toxic, so much so that players could not even discuss the private servers or the bonuses that came with them without being insulted or yelled at. What started as a joke quickly turned into a safe haven, where players who had subscribed could openly discuss Fallout 1st topics without being attacked.”

But what was initially a tongue-in-cheek jibe only further antagonised those who were opposed to the subscription service, sparking off something of a class war.

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Zenos (on 08 November 2019)

That's amazing. An actual civil war within an MMO. I guess the non-First players should just leave this mess of a game.

jamesmarkus87 (on 07 November 2019)

If everyone hates this game so much, then why do they keep playing it? Move on to something that you do like.

SecondWar (on 07 November 2019)

I'm curious, as I can see this being a problem further down the line. Say you buy Fallout first, and fill your storage with vast quantities of items way in excess of the regular limit. Then your subscription lapses. What happens to the excess items? Will the game just auto-delete them?