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Miyazaki: Bloodborne 2 is 'Not Up To Me'

Miyazaki: Bloodborne 2 is 'Not Up To Me' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted 4 days ago / 1,687 Views

FromSoftware, best known for the Dark Souls series, also released the PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne in 2015. FromSoftware director Hidetaka Miyazaki in an interview with GameSpot Brazil revealed that a sequel to Bloodborne is not up to him.

"Bloodborne 2...Unfortunately, it's not up to me," said Miyazaki when asked about a sequel.

"I was inspired by Lovecraft's book, The Call of Cthulhu," he said when asked about what inspired him when he conceived Bloodborne. "Anyone who played the game will likely know that I was heavily influenced by Lovecraft and this work.

"Other sources of inspirations were horror, of course, and the film Brotherhood of the Wolf."

Miyazaki was also asked about what he change in the first game. "I try not to think too much about which elements I'd improve after shipping a game," he said. "But I'd have improved on the Chalice Dungeons and the Blood Gems, that I wish were a bit more detailed, worked more thoroughly. I see the possibility of adding more to it."

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method114 (4 days ago)

I'm guessing he means it's up to Sony wanting it and hiring him to do it?

Immersiveunreality (4 days ago)

I do not think it is that at all,it might be more in the likes of time invested for elden ring and bandai namco putting pressure to release multiplatform games under their umbrella.

  • +3
method114 (4 days ago)

Blah completely forgot he was under Bandai. Thought they were independent for some reason. With that said I'm surprised they've done any exclusive games.

  • 0