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SEGA Trademark 'Nights Dream Wheel' in Japan

SEGA Trademark 'Nights Dream Wheel' in Japan - News

by Adam Cartwright , posted on 22 July 2019 / 1,236 Views

According to a filing released today, SEGA have trademarked 'Nights Dream Wheel' in Japan, listed under 'programs for videogame consoles'.


While further information regarding what this actually is wasn't given by the trademark, it's quite possible that it relates to their cult hit flight-action title NiGHTS into Dreams which released for the SEGA Saturn in 1996, followed by a sequel in 2007 for the Wii entitled NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.

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Zenos (on 22 July 2019)

A remake collection of sorts would be amazing.

axumblade (on 22 July 2019)

I really enjoyed what I played of the Wii version even if the controls weren't the best.

Moonhero (on 23 July 2019)

I love NiGHTS!

Ljink96 (on 23 July 2019)

What, is Sega actually starting to remember they have other IP besides Sonic and Yakuza?

dx11332sega (on 23 July 2019)

Oh nice , Whatever it is I'm happy it's made instead of holding the IP not doing anything. Thank you Sega