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Combat Platformer Exception Announced for NS, PS4, X1, Steam

Combat Platformer Exception Announced for NS, PS4, X1, Steam - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 25 June 2019 / 695 Views

Developer Traxmaster Software has announced combat platformer, Exception, for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC via Steam. It will launch this summer.

“As a hardcore NES nerd, I feel inspired by games like Ninja Gaiden and Castelvania and feel like simplicity is the key to a great gaming experience,” said Traxmaster Software founder Will Traxler in. “Exception has this old school vibe with a modern rotating twist that takes advantage of today’s 3D technology. It’s a game which is easy to pick up and play and will bring joy for a novice gamer just as much as it will for a professional speedrunner.”

View the announcement trailer below:

Here is an overview of the game:

Exception is a combat platformer set inside a computer system which has been hijacked by a totalitarian virus. A lone member of the system must step up to lead the resistance and battle against this brutal regime. Expertly combine razor sharp reflexes with elaborate attacks to topple the virus and restore freedom.

Key Features:

  • A New Approach to Platforming – Two-dimensional action in a three-dimensional world. Entire levels transform to reveal new challenges and opportunities. Explore distant areas exposed by the shifting environment. Each level is an elaborate puzzle that unfolds as you progress.
  • Synthwave Soundtrack – A soundtrack assembled from the very best Synthwave artists. Enjoy nearly two-hours of Synthwave tracks from artists including Kalax and Waveshaper It’s the perfect complement to Exception‘s retro-futuristic aesthetic.
  • Challenge the Leaderboards – Compete for the best time on your favorite levels through more than 800 Steam leaderboards. Employ diverse play-styles to top specific leaderboards. Compete for the best combat time by destroying all enemies or try for a great pacifist time by leaving your enemies unharmed.
  • Illustrated Story – The story of Exception told across 17 illustrated cutscenes. Learn about the system collapse and subsequent power vacuum that gave rise to a fascist virus. Join a gang of four misfit software threads in their journey to overthrow the brutal regime and restore freedom to the system.
  • Upgrade your Character to Unleash Special Attacks – Execute a variety of special attacks and string together creative combinations to maximize your destruction. Collect hidden artifacts to purchase attack upgrades and push the limits of your destruction.
  • Dynamic Bonus System – Chain multiple airborne attacks to earn time bonuses. Harness your creativity to uncover the fastest level routes with the most bonus potential. Aggressive attack strategies yield the highest bonuses.

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Zenos (on 25 June 2019)

Seems interesting, but it's a bit hard on the eyes.

KLAMarine (on 25 June 2019)

Whoa! This looks cool!