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Brawlout Update 2.0 Out Now, Adds The Beheaded from Dead Cells

Brawlout Update 2.0 Out Now, Adds The Beheaded from Dead Cells - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 21 March 2019 / 588 Views

Angry Mob Games announced update 2.0 for Brawlout is now available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox ONe, and Windows PC. It adds The Beheaded from Dead Cells as a playable character.

View the Dead Cells reveal trailer below:

Here is an overview of the character:

Some things never truly die. Like disco and wheels in shoes, The Beheaded is one of those things.

Unsure of where they came from, The Beheaded attempts again and again (and again) to cross a constantly-changing island in the grip of “The Malaise”, a disease taking countless lives and mutating the dead.

With a fresh body and armed to its non-existent teeth, they set out again to find the world a lot more different than they’re used to seeing.


  • Front Line Shield (Down Special) – Blocking consumes rage. If timed right, you can also parry incoming attacks, stunning the enemy.
  • Wrenching Whip (Side Special) – Crack the end of the whip on an opponent, to send them flying your way.
  • Marksman’s Bow (Neutral Special) – “Slow, but devastating at long range.” Ammo: 3.
  • Spartan Sandals (Jab Special) – “This. Is. DEAD CELLS!”
  • Teleport (Up Special) – Teleports you in any direction you’re holding.
  • Fire Brands (Air Down Special) – Ignites the ground and your enemies inflicting 5 damage / sec for two seconds.
  • Shovel (Side Attack) – “Any object is a deadly weapon if you apply enough velocity.”

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