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Darkest Dungeon II Announced

Darkest Dungeon II Announced - News

by Adam Cartwright , posted on 19 February 2019 / 851 Views

In a teaser on Twitter, the official Darkest Dungeon account has posted a short video revealing the existence of Darkest Dungeon II, a sequel to the original title.

In an interview with PC Gamer, developer Red Hook Studios revealed that the familiar turn-based combat system will be making a return, but it will be getting a "significant tune-up - mechanically, and in terms of presentation".

Further details including target platforms and a release window were not provided, although the studio note that it's likely the game will be available in Early Access on PC.

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Mar1217 (on 20 February 2019)

Good game. The management side of things is probably one of it's best aspect.

omarct (on 19 February 2019)

For some reason I couldnt enjoy the first one.

John2290 (on 19 February 2019)

Great. I'd like a reason to go back. I really screwed up my first save and also got screwed out of much options and I can't be arsed starting over.

Mnementh (on 19 February 2019)

Neat. That was a nice title.

RaptorChrist (on 19 February 2019)

Wow, awesome news! Can't wait to see what sort of changes they decide to make.