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Rumor: Disc-Less Xbox One Coming in 2019

Rumor: Disc-Less Xbox One Coming in 2019 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 03 December 2018 / 3,897 Views

Microsoft is planning to release a new Xbox One S console in 2019 without a disc drive, according to e report from Thurrott.com. The plan is to sell the console for $199 or less. 

Owners of Xbox One games on disc will be able to trade them in for a digital code at participating retailers, such as the Microsoft Store, as part of the disc-to-digital program.

The report also states Microsoft plans on releasing its next generation Xbox console in 2020 or later. Microsoft is looking to decide if it will have a disc drive or not. 

This should be treated as a rumor until confirmed by Microsoft.

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Bandorr (on 16 November 2018)

Why would people that own enough copy of Xbox games that they need to convert them.. not already own an Xb1? Why would they convert their XB1 or XB1s to one that is the same.. just with less options? That is a straight downgrade with no upside.

Errorist76 (on 16 November 2018)

Because then you won't be able to sell them anymore, indirectly benefitting MS.

  • +3
nanarchy (on 17 November 2018)

Disks take space, get damaged or can get lost. If you are looking at moving to the next gen but want an easy way to keep your library it could be a decent option. I imagine a diskless Xbox would also be considerably smaller.

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Errorist76 (on 17 November 2018)

@nanarchy At least disks still work when the servers have been turned off 10-20 years later.

  • 0
nanarchy (on 17 November 2018)

@Errorist76, actually many don't. The sheer quantity of games nowadays that require online services to fully function means the death of the server is the death of the game.

  • +1
Errorist76 (on 17 November 2018)

@nanarchy fair point, but many still do. Including RDR2 and TW3.

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3sexty (on 18 November 2018)

I thInk you may be missing the point here. This is intended to supplement their gamepass subscription strategy by tempting people with a much cheaper console that plays digital copies of games offered in the gamepass library. Myself being interested in the gamepass and only having the original Xbox one console with a few disc versions of games but now mostly digital, would see heaps of value in this offer as I'm looking to upgrade and wouldn't mind having disc games replaced with a digital copy so I'll always have it in the library.

  • +2
Manlytears (on 16 November 2018)

Save $50 and no discs? No thanks, i rather have the option of borrowing games from my friends and i also like to have the option to buy games on discs.

Errorist76 (on 16 November 2018)

And sell the game afterwards.

  • +2
Azzanation (on 16 November 2018)

Than buy the regular S or X model.

  • -1
mekail2001 (on 16 November 2018)

Id do this and see how much more/less it sells compared to the Xbox One S (with the disc drive) Then with public reception in mind they can decide whether or not they should remove the disc drive for the next gen xbox. Personally id want to keep it. Even though i get 90% of my games digitally now, i still like the option of using discs and also i use it to play my x360 games backwards compatible.

Kanemaru (on 16 November 2018)

Just another test to see if we're ready for the digital-only. and if they should try to impose it to us on the next gen...

KLAMarine (on 16 November 2018)

Never a bad thing to give people more options.

Darwinianevolution (on 16 November 2018)

The only way this could work is if it is a budget console. As in, less than 100$. Otherwise, there is no real incentive to not have physical support.

KLAMarine (on 16 November 2018)

I imagine that's the plan: a cheaper console for people to purchase.

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Errorist76 (on 16 November 2018)

Seems like Microsoft is trying their "always online/no used game sales" game another time.

Azzanation (on 17 November 2018)

I don't see a problem with the option of a diskless system. New owners just need this console and Game-Pass and you are basically set.

John2290 (on 17 November 2018)

I hope they don't use this phrasing as it's going to lead to brand hurting memes along with a few possible embarrassed presenters.

Ganoncrotch (on 17 November 2018)

the dicsless wonder!

  • 0
Immersiveunreality (on 17 November 2018)

hmm everything digital can be a good thing only when not too many consumer's are going to be cut off from the gamersmarket and only when the prices drop faster in digital stores than they do now because atm it seems to be pretty expensive to only buy digital and second hand copy's are nonexistent on that particular market.

Mr Puggsly (on 18 November 2018)

I would only consider buying this if it dropped the price at least $100. But if they really want to go all digital and low cost, then its time to push a cloud service.

Kristof81 (on 16 November 2018)

If they manage to shave $100 off the XB1S price, it will sell like a hot cake.

Podings (on 16 November 2018)

Finally, the Indrema L600 lives!