Disney announces Wii exclusive Toy Story Mania

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 24 March 2009 / 3,909 Views



Disney Interactive Studios announced Toy Story Mania! , a Wii exclusive game based on Disney Theme Parks and the famous Toy Story movies.

According to Disney Toy Story Mania! is a compilation of mini games set in a Disney Theme Park, features games for up to 4 players and promises fun for the whole family.

Apparently players will be able to use 3D glasses for certain parts of the game. Expect more details on this feature as they emerge.


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luckey (on 16 September 2009)

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Khuutra (on 25 March 2009)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I will probably be buying this.

TopCat8 (on 25 March 2009)

For everyone saying that this is just a minigame compilation, you need to understand that there is a ride at in California that this game will be based on. The ride is really fun, so the game should be fun too. I'm glad I can finally play this at home.

frybread (on 24 March 2009)

Should have used Johnny Lee's motion tracking instead of glasses. What a waste.

radioioRobert (on 24 March 2009)

This game will print money if it comes out alongside Toy Story 3D (and you can bet it will). I wonder if the same "bonuses" from the Disneyland ride will work on the game? Example: there is a teeny tiny target between the chest plates on Zurg worth 100,000 points, you can also light volcanos and shoot green flames..... There are many hints at the Disney World Buzz Lightyear on-rail ride as well. The average score at Disneyland will be dramatically higher if they use the bonuses.

Paperdiego (on 24 March 2009)

well toy story mania is one of the best rides at California adventure so who knows..

mike_intellivision (on 24 March 2009)

People wait hours in line for this ride at DisneyWorld. We "fast tracked" (got a reserve return time the ride 30 minutes after the park opened -- and our time was six hours later. Mike from Morgantown

radioioRobert (on 24 March 2009)

This looks just like the real ride, the real ride is an on rails shooter as well (if someone could embed it woukld be great...) Game Screen shot: http://i40.tinypic.com/259yd1e.jpg Disneyland Ride (a little blurry as it's in 3D just like the game): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1oYPEWebSQ&feature=related It also has elements of the Disney World Ride (also an on rails shooter): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LidlUjoUVaM&feature=related They will sell the heck out of these at the themepark giftshops alone.

BoleroOfFire (on 24 March 2009)

...the 3-D aspect of it sounds tempting just to see how it looks.

Aj_habfan (on 24 March 2009)

Don't you like spin around and shoot things on that Disneyland ride?

thekitchensink (on 24 March 2009)

^^*grabs right arm with left hand and makes Buzz's laser sound effect.

coasterlove (on 24 March 2009)

stranne says: The 3D won't suck. Try one of the newer 3D DVDs and see for yourself. Posted on: 03/24/09, 21:20 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Which ones? I don't mean that as sarcasm but I've read reviews for a few and they said some were ok at best. Who knows, maybe it will be very impressive but I just can't see it happening. This is a time though that I hope to be wrong.

salaminizer (on 24 March 2009)

yeah, what the hell are they thinking!! why not a Toy Story FPS?

Wyku (on 24 March 2009)

The 3D Toy Story Midway Mania ride at Disney World was one of the most popular rides/attractions while I was there (crazy lines everyday with fast passes for the day "selling" out super fast). Hopefully they can bring some of the magic from the actual ride into your living room.

drakesfortune (on 24 March 2009)

Now this is a perfect fit for the Wii. I expect this will do quite well.

RolStoppable (on 24 March 2009)

@arsenal009 I don't care if they lose money. It's time for third parties to please Wii owners regardless of the financial results, just like it's common on the HD consoles.

arsenal009 (on 24 March 2009)

@rol A racer w/o local multiplayer on the Wii? Maybe if they want it to fail?

arsenal009 (on 24 March 2009)

Disney giving Wii exclusives? Kingdom Hearts exclusive for Wii confirmed?

shams (on 24 March 2009)

This could be cool - its basically a Toy Story themed Mario Party. With 3D. People had better not underestimate how popular Toy Story is - this could sell quadzillion units...

RolStoppable (on 24 March 2009)

The Wii isn't for kids, it's for babies. Disney, how about making a game like Pure for the Wii? I would be interested in a racer.

Soriku (on 24 March 2009)

I loved the Buzz Lightyear game on PS1 based on TS2. Really tough though. You guys expected another game from Disney that's actually good...? :3 Spectrobes is coming to the Wii, but...

sabby_e17 (on 24 March 2009)

toy story was alot of fun on the PS1

stranne (on 24 March 2009)

The 3D won't suck. Try one of the newer 3D DVDs and see for yourself.

coasterlove (on 24 March 2009)

Sadly the 3D will suck. I don't know of 3D looking good on a home television. I don't know if it's possible yet. Maybe 10 years from now, they'll have a TV that duplicate the newer 3D we're seeing in movies like Monster House, Coraline and the many other recent movies using RealD(?)

bardicverse (on 24 March 2009)

What you don't know is that the game is rated M.

CONMAN15 (on 24 March 2009)

Oh jeez. People will eat this up just because of the glasses, and name.

mike_intellivision (on 24 March 2009)

Oh My Gosh! Day On Buy! If you have not ridden this ride -- you don't understand. If you have -- you do. Mike from Morgantown

ph4nt (on 24 March 2009)

Toy Story Mania at California Adventure is awesome, one of the best rides there. How well will it translate into a video game?

megaman79 (on 24 March 2009)

This is gonna be big, its Pixar.

Louie (on 24 March 2009)

@ Carmina: No it's not Mickey Mouse, Toy Story is computer animated. They are both made for children though.

carmina2008 (on 24 March 2009)

Mickey Mouse? :D

Smeags (on 24 March 2009)

To infinity... and BEYOND! :-D (I couldn't resist :-P)

famousringo (on 24 March 2009)

It has a powerful IP, and judging by the screenshots I've seen, it doesn't look like they cheaped out (by minigame standards). If they're looking to add 3D, that's proof that they're at least doing something to differentiate themselves from the pack.

Sullla (on 24 March 2009)

While this game will be relentlessly mocked across the Internet, it will probably sell extremely well to young kids in the 5-10 age bracket. Toy Story is still a popular franchise.

waron (on 24 March 2009)

Disney mini games compilations wasn't even last season, so why now? you think it will be a hit among other 34254644574749 minigames compilations?

Phoenix_Wiight (on 24 March 2009)

mini games ftl, but i love toy story

Cheebee (on 24 March 2009)

More minigames, thank God, that's just what the Wii needs, I was afraid a week might go by without a minigame compilation releasing!

trestres (on 24 March 2009)

More mini games :S

Louie (on 24 March 2009)

Well yeah the 3D glasses sound cool... dunno how they'll implement it though. Oh and no "Wii is for kids!" comments please. Just in case...

Chrizum (on 24 March 2009)

3D glasses = cool. More minigames on Wii = not cool.

Louie (on 24 March 2009)

Well this was just too cool to let it slip :-P

thekitchensink (on 24 March 2009)

Aw... for a minute I thought it was a Wii-exclusive 'Toy Story 3', similar to the Ghostbusters game.

SmokedHostage (on 24 March 2009)


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