Ni No Kuni II Ships 900k Worldwide on PS4 & PC, Series Tops 2.8M

Ni No Kuni II Ships 900k Worldwide on PS4 & PC, Series Tops 2.8M - News

by Adam Cartwright , posted on 04 June 2018 / 1,837 Views

An article on 4Gamer has revealed that Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom has shipped 900k copies worldwide across PS4 & PC, while the series as a whole (including the PS3 and DS entries) has shipped more than 2.8m copies to-date.

To celebrate, it appears that the game's original soundtrack will be releasing on the 6th of June in Japan.

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Ljink96 (on 25 May 2018)

That's good to hear for the series. I still prefer the first game but I'm glad it's doing so well,

Nem (on 25 May 2018)

Pretty sure the first game sold above 1m the first year. It sold better. This is actually sort of bad news, as it didn't grow.

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Ljink96 (on 25 May 2018)

Well, I was more talking about the substance of the first game is better imo. While the first game did probably did do better, I'm just glad it'll at least hit 1M and it only came out in 2018. The PS3 version arrived in 2013 and is still according to VGC, at 1.54M. I think we should give it an entire year as we're only 2 months in sales.

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Hynad (on 26 May 2018)

Errr. Nem? You say the first game sold above 1m in the first year.
Ni No Kuni 2 has been out for 2 months... And stands at 900k.

I think you're way too soon with your comment about growth.

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Nem (on 26 May 2018)

Well, i said the first year cause i don't recall exactly when it was, so i would rather give it a wide error margin than give the wrong value. But i am convinced it was somewhere during the first year.
Also, notice that this is 900k shipped, not sold.

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golfgt170 (on 25 May 2018)

Great series, totally worth more sales!

V-r0cK (on 25 May 2018)

I'm happy about this.