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Nintendo: Super Mario Odyssey Tops 10 Million Units Sold

Nintendo: Super Mario Odyssey Tops 10 Million Units Sold - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 May 2018 / 4,029 Views

Nintendo in its latest earnings report have revealed the latest software figures for the best-selling games on the Nintendo Switch. 

Super Mario Odyssey is the top-selling game and the first Switch game to cross the 10 million mark. It has surpassed 10.41 million units shipped and sold digitally. 

Here is the complete list of best-selling games on the Nintendo Switch:

  1. Super Mario Odyssey – 10.41 million
  2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 9.22 million
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 8.48 million
  4. Splatoon 2 – 6.02 million
  5. 1-2-Switch – 2.29 million
  6. ARMS – 1.85 million
  7. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – 1.31 million
  8. Kirby: Star Allies – 1.29 million

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TheGamer_1995 (on 26 April 2018)

What a beast

Mr.GameCrazy (on 26 April 2018)

Congrats to Super Mario Odyssey!!

friendlyfamine (on 26 April 2018)

Not so surprising, since the last report 3 months ago said around 9M was sold. It's one of the best, if not the best game on the Switch right now. Hopefully it gets a sequel in a few years. I would love to see them explore the capture mechanic a bit more, hopefully in more puzzling ways.

Soren0079 (on 26 April 2018)

So million sellers should be: Super Mario Odyssey – 10.41 million Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 9.22 million The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 8.48 million Splatoon 2 – 6.02 million 1-2-Switch – 2.29 million ARMS – 1.85 million Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – 1.31 million Kirby: Star Allies – 1.29 million Fire Emblem: Warriors Pokken Tournament Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Sonic Mania Super Bomberman R (They said it was incredibly close a few weeks ago.) Skyrim (Probably but we don't know the digital.) FIFA (I'd be shocked if this hasn't reached it including digital sales.) Others: We can probably bet that Minecraft & Stardew Valley have crossed the 1 million mark. I would love it more big third parties annouced how their games sold on Switch. Even rough estimates would be good.

Mystro-Sama (on 26 April 2018)

WOW, I can't believe 2M+ people bought 1-2 Switch.

Slownenberg (on 26 April 2018)

yeah that is truly crazy. That game should have sold for the first month and then died off when people realized it wasn't in fact another Wii Sports-like gem.

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Mystro-Sama (on 26 April 2018)

We're talking about a game student developers could make in class. Thats raw profit.

  • +1
gustave154 (on 26 April 2018)

Why not? Its the best game to show off your switch to the new people

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thetonestarr (on 27 April 2018)

I still plan on buying it, eventually, when I can get it for under $20 anyways.

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Eric2048 (on 26 April 2018)

not even an entire year and 10 million! impressive.

Errorist76 (on 26 April 2018)

Impressive top 3 and even more considering Odyssey's time frame. Crazy attach rate as well. Congrats!

Aidman (on 28 April 2018)

Add your comment...I That hope BOTW will reach 10 MILLION and will be the first zelda game to do it

gustave154 (on 26 April 2018)

Nice sales overall. With smash coming in this year Switch will be unstoppable

Azzanation (on 26 April 2018)

1 main reason to own a Switch

fauzman (on 26 April 2018)

Incredible figures. Though i am surprised it beat BOTW which IMO had a lot more hype and buzz around it.

Keybladewielder (on 26 April 2018)

Mario has always been more mainstream than Zelda

  • +1
Qwark (on 26 April 2018)

Nintendo games do well on the Switch, third party games not so much. But I guess that's the difference between Sony and Nintendo. Sony 85% of sales are Third Party games and 15% is first party. For Nintendo it is pretty much the other way around. Mario sales are really insane if you factor in the userbase.

trunkswd (on 26 April 2018)

It is a must own game for the Switch.

  • +3
KrspaceT (on 26 April 2018)

We have data suggesting that Rabbids and Pokken passed a million on Switch, with confirmation on the latter, and also confirmation that Bomberman R is past a million.

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  • -6
Flilix (on 26 April 2018)

Third party games are at 30% if you count retail only, but they're definitely a lot higher if you include digital (considering the popularity of indies).

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Jranation (on 26 April 2018)

Good thing is that Nintendo benefits both the 1st party games and Hardware sales

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160rmf (on 26 April 2018)

What the big 3rd parties companies did to get more sales from the switch userbase? Despite what KrspaceT listed, I am not seeing any reason to expect any other result

  • -1
160rmf (on 26 April 2018)

Nevermind what I said earlier. EVEN with what KrspaceT listed, I can't see any reason to expect any other result

  • -1
Slownenberg (on 26 April 2018)

Well Nintendo also makes the best games and all their games are on one system so it makes sense they'd dominate sales. Also seeing as how third parties haven't yet started putting their AAA games on Switch there is no reason to expect third parties to be doing great. Once third parties start bringing AAA games to Switch they will be much more competitive.

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