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Grand Theft Auto V Tops 85 Million Units Shipped, Tops Wii Sports

Grand Theft Auto V Tops 85 Million Units Shipped, Tops Wii Sports - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 08 November 2017 / 5,144 Views

Take-Two released its earnings report for the quarter ending September 30 and the open-world action game - Grand Theft Auto V - has now shipped 85 million units.  That is up from 80 million units in May.

The game is now the "all-time best-selling video game" in the US when you take into account units sold, as well as revenue. It has now outsold Wii Sports, which has sold over 82 million units


Grand Theft Auto Online had its best quarter in terms of revenue. However, exact figures were not disclosed.

Overall, Take-Two earned $443.6 million in revenue, up from $420.2 million a year ago. Revenue from digital sales increased 31 percent to $302.9 million from $230.8 million. Digital sales accounted for 68 percent of Take-Two's total revenue. 

Take-Two posted a loss of $2.7 million, which is down from $36.4 million in profit from the same period a year ago. 

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xenogears1234 (on 07 November 2017)

Good cause no offense to wii sports (its def fun) but a glorified tech demo that was bundled with every wii sold should not have been the best selling game of all time.

spurgeonryan (on 08 November 2017)

I wonder how much it would have sold had it been on multiple systems and had as big of budget.

  • -2
shikamaru317 (on 07 November 2017)

It has sold another 10m this past year apparently, crazy for a game that released in 2013.

sidious164 (on 07 November 2017)

Wasn't Wii sports Included with the Wii console for free?

Ka-pi96 (on 07 November 2017)

Every single one sold outside Japan, yes.

  • +2
itsyounghavok (on 08 November 2017)

For a while yes, it was eventually sold by itself and replaced with Wii Sports Resort as the pack in.

  • +1
TallSilhouette (on 07 November 2017)

What a monster. Even crazier when you consider the higher barrier to entry than other record holders like Tetris, Wii Sports, or Minecraft. No other big budget retail release even comes close.

Ka-pi96 (on 07 November 2017)

On the way to 100m! :)

COKTOE (on 07 November 2017)

The biggest anything ever.

Ganoncrotch (on 07 November 2017)

They put in the time and money before launching this amazing game and they are profiting from it for nearly half a decade now. Ubisoft threw together both watchdogs and Watchdogs 2 since GTA5 came out and both didn't make even the slightest dent in the monopoly that Rockstar has with GTA5 for the simple reason that Ubisoft didn't put any effort into making their game something which you would want to play when it launched... never mind years later.

Johnw1104 (on 07 November 2017)

As someone who spent many, many hours playing that game online, I must admit that I can't really think of an online experience that yielded such profits for so little effort lol... It's crazy how much people are willing to give them given nearly everything can be afforded without too much effort in-game.

ampersand (on 07 November 2017)

A very good quarter. The stock is up about 10% after hours.

Jranation (on 07 November 2017)

Sooo a bundled game vs a game that is available on like 250mil+ user base........

Ljink96 (on 07 November 2017)

Wow. Not my cup of tea but apparently it is for 85+ Mil. But why is T2 taking losses with such a game?

mjk45 (on 07 November 2017)

a few reasons, one being that it's 4 years of sales with the majority of profits falling in those financial years, another is production costs for games in production like rdr 2.

  • +2
Ljink96 (on 07 November 2017)

Yeah, RDR2 would do it. But 8-10 million copies in a year should have provided some nice revenue and ultimately profit. Unless, well yeah GTAV has gone down considerably in price.

  • +2
Ka-pi96 (on 07 November 2017)

Can't we just blame NBA2k? They should probably drop that to eliminate their losses :P

  • 0
Ljink96 (on 07 November 2017)

@Ka-pi96 That was kind of a bomb wasn't it? lol They should consider handing that franchise off to somebody else. But who...hm...

  • 0
mjk45 (on 07 November 2017)

MS should take it off their hands , put it out in monthly instalments and crow about having a dozen new exclusives for 2018 that cover the full year .

  • 0
Ljink96 (on 07 November 2017)

@mjk45 lol! They'd probably do it too. And it'd probably work out for them having the demographic that they do.

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PAOerfulone (on 07 November 2017)

At this point, 100 million is a given.

Darwinianevolution (on 07 November 2017)

Utterly ridiculous numbers. considering T2 is going to keep this game alive and selling for decades, it's probably going to pass the 100m mark eventually. Just wait for the VR version, the Switch version, the PS5 version...

hunter_alien (on 07 November 2017)

The game will reach 100 million by the end of next year. No need for a PS5 release :-P

  • +2
siebensus4 (on 07 November 2017)

bbbbut Wii Sports was an exclusive game and sold 82 million units on one console.....

Zkuq (on 08 November 2017)

And it was also bundled very extensively.

  • +1
gtotheunit91 (on 08 November 2017)

If GTA V comes to the Switch as rumors are saying...bump that number up to 100 million easily

WagnerPaiva (on 08 November 2017)

Also there is digital, which means it could be around 100 million units.

Jumpin (on 08 November 2017)

If you are counting all releases on all platforms. Wouldn't Tetris be the highest?

blackwarryor (on 08 November 2017)

But wasn't tetris free for the most part of its numbers ?

  • 0
spynx (on 08 November 2017)

The game had a realistic environment and there is so much you can do with the game afterwards

itsyounghavok (on 08 November 2017)

Incredible. Congrats Rockstar. I sure do miss Wii Sports tho.

Azzanation (on 08 November 2017)

Insane. I still havnt played it. Definitely a monster title.

Ryng_Tolu (on 08 November 2017)

Who the hell has not played it yet? XD

  • 0
eddy7eddy (on 07 November 2017)

This game gonna surpass the 100m+ easily, just wait for the Switch version or the XB2 version or the PS5 version or the PC 2 version.

Bristow9091 (on 07 November 2017)

The idea of it selling 100m+ honestly doesn't surprise me, this game has insane legs and is consistently selling week after week!

KLAMarine (on 07 November 2017)

Only wish I could have enjoyed this title more.

V-r0cK (on 07 November 2017)


caffeinade (on 07 November 2017)

The Switch version will sell over 10m easy.

Ganoncrotch (on 07 November 2017)

Fingers crossed.

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Ganoncrotch (on 07 November 2017)

while I know I would buy GTA5 for the third time if it came to switch, I fear that Rockstars support of that console will mostly be based around the sales of the very costly port of LA Noire which is coming this month.... and really... I can't see those sales figures being good.

  • 0
caffeinade (on 07 November 2017)

Honestly, I think we are getting GTAV regardless of LA Noire's performance.

  • 0
Johnw1104 (on 08 November 2017)

They had GTA V running comfortably on the PS4 and Xbox360... it seems almost inevitable that a port for the Switch is coming eventually.

  • 0
gcwy (on 07 November 2017)

Absolutely incredible. And there's no stopping this beast even now.

Ggordon (on 07 November 2017)

This game is a monster