Xbox Live Multiplayer Free This Weekend on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Xbox Live Multiplayer Free This Weekend on Xbox One and Xbox 360 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 19 May 2017 / 6,309 Views

Microsoft announced Xbox Live multiplayer will be free this weekend for all Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners. 

The Multiplayer All-Access free weekend has already started and will run through Sunday, May 21.

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AlfredoTurkey (on 19 May 2017)

It SHOULD be free period. The same goes for Sony and Nintendo. I'm sure every time a Steam gamer sees "free weekend", they're laughing their ass off at the ridiculousness.

barneystinson69 (on 21 May 2017)

Why is this getting disliked? Do people prefer paying for MP?

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Seventizz (on 21 May 2017)

@barneystinson69 Because people realize that servers, maintenance, and marketing aren't free.

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barneystinson69 (on 21 May 2017)

And what is your point? Steam can provide this service for free, that is true. Do you honestly believe XBL or PSN is better than any PC service because you are paying for it?

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Seventizz (on 22 May 2017)

@barneystinson69 Well, XBL has been strong for years. People enjoy the service. Steam is a good service, but it's not perfect either. PC is just riddled with cheaters and hackers you just don't see on consoles - per capita speaking.

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barneystinson69 (on 22 May 2017)


I would believe you if XBL wasn't often going down or crashing or whatever. You forgot to mention we get 4 free games a month - which is great, but doesn't justify paying for a service for those who don't want the games.

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AlfredoTurkey (on 22 May 2017)

The cheaters and hackers have nothing to do with the online service. That has to do with the nature of the hardware that PC gamers play on. It's much harder to do that sort of stuff on a home console.

But if you want to go there, have a look at COD on 360. Lag switchers etc... it was pretty bad.

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