Sony Releases Battle Royale Trailer Teased by

Sony Releases Battle Royale Trailer Teased by "Arrival" and "Reload" - News

by Arthur Kabrick, posted on 23 October 2012 / 1,208 Views

Sony has released two teasers in the past few days: The Reload, showing a woman reloading a gun, and The Arrival, showing the same woman getting up and walking away from a typewriter. It was revealed today that those two were teasers for a new trailer for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the upcoming PS3-PSV brawler starring characters from the history of PlayStation gaming, both first party like Nathan Drake and Kratos, and third party like the Big Daddy from BioShock.

The trailer is reminiscent of the Michael advert from several months ago, and shows semi-live action PlayStation characters, this time fighting against each other.

It's very well done, so watch it for yourself:

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