GameStop Branching Out with Kid-Centric Video Game Stores

GameStop Branching Out with Kid-Centric Video Game Stores - News

by Jake Weston, posted on 26 October 2012 / 2,189 Views

GameStop, the nation's largest video game retailer, is branching out with kid-centric video game stores, aptly called "GameStop Kids". 

The new chain will carry only E-rated games, as well as toys marketed towards young children. According to GameStop CEO Paul Raines, GameStop Kids  is "really a way for us to take share away from people who are in the toy business and have an expanded assortment. . . and show people how to drive kids to new experiences, new products or an expanded assortment of existing products like Skylanders and Angry Birds.”

The first GameStop Kids is set to open this Friday, October 26, in Dallas, Texas, with 80 stores nation-wide by November 15. 

I'm all for this idea -- too many misinformed parents end up buying games that are far too innapropriate for young children. If anything, hopefully this will keep children out of Xbox Live chats in Call of Duty. 

[Source: Dallas Business Journal]

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