South Park Studios Disputes THQ Sale

South Park Studios Disputes THQ Sale - News

by Jake Weston, posted on 22 January 2013 / 2,005 Views

The sale of THQ's various assets and properties is set to happen today, among which include the upcoming South Park: The Stick of Truth. However, South Park Digital Studios has objected to Stick of Truth's inclusion in the sale, stating that they must approve of any transfer of the South Park license, and are also owed over $2 million in default payments from whomever ends up buying the license. 

South Park Studios claims that they entered into a "Deal Memo" agreement with THQ, which, in layman's terms, states that South Park Studios may acquire "all elements of the South Park game and related products in the event of THQ's breach." 

THQ has disputed this claim, stating that their exclusive agreement allows them to sell the Stick of Truth license to whomever they deem fit. 

A hearing for later today is scheduled in an effort to resolve the issue. 

[Source: Polygon]

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