Diablo III Coming to PS3 & PS4

Diablo III Coming to PS3 & PS4 - News

by Craig Snow, posted on 20 February 2013 / 1,573 Views

So it's finally happening. After literally years of rumours about Diablo III coming to consoles, today we got official confirmation from Blizzard during Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement.

Having managed to alienate a huge chunk of their fan base on the PC with the botched release and subsequent controversies surrounding Diablo III over the last year, Blizzard have set their sights on disappointing console owners now as well (or 'the world' as Blizzard's Chris Metzen jokingly put it).

The fanbase on PC has been quick to react to the news. It's certainly looking a little more likely that those theorising that the game's disappointment stems from it being designed as a console game from the get-go were actually right all along.

Eager listeners will have noted that Metzen didn't use the word exclusive, so it's quite likely that Diablo III will also be coming to the Xbox 360, and Microsoft's yet-to-be-revealed next generation system. Oh how Blizzad spoils you.

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