Our Most Anticipated Games of E3 2013

Our Most Anticipated Games of E3 2013 - Article

by Jake Weston, posted on 06 June 2013 / 3,574 Views

Karl Koebke, Editor-in-Chief

It's a tough battle in my head; there are so many cool little games I'm looking forward to seeing more of like Ys 4, Rune Factory 4, Dark Souls II, a plethora of Indiecade offerings, but the one game I think I'm most interesting in seeing more of would have to be X2, the apparent sequel to Xenoblade ChroniclesXenoblade may not be the savior to the genre that some liked to call it but it was undeniably a fantastic game and the trailer from Monolith's next game looks extremely impressive. Pairing Xenoblade's overworld visual design with more powerful technology is likely to make one of the best looking RPGs in ages. Seeing something like Satori Marsh at night on new hardware would be pretty breathtaking. Now they just need to work on the party's AI and a gameplay tweak here or there and it'll be perfect. 


All that said, I've seen some forum goers theorizing that a new Earthbound/Mother title might be on the table, and if that's true then all the above goes out the window. The same can be said if The Last Guardian makes an appearance and lives up to what I've always hoped it would be based on Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Sadly I think both of those events have a snowball's chance in hell of actually occurring, so for now I'll stick with X2.

Alex St-Amour, Reviewer

I'm going to go with probably the easiest and safest answer and say Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. I could go over a long list of reasons as to why I picked SSB but the truth of the matter is everyone knows that Smash Bros. is always a good time (hey it got people to buy the Gamecube). Apart from that I am excited for Mario & Luigi: Dream TeamX(enoblade) 2, and The Last Of Us, but I would gladly trade all those away just for a few rounds of Smash.


Chris Kerr, Copy Editor

When I got out of bed a few days ago I set about completing my routine of checking the social networking sites for any news. When I signed in to Twitter I practically spat my cornflakes out in delight. It seems that a sequel to Mirror's Edge has been inadvertently confirmed by EA, and I am praying to the gaming gods that we get to see this at E3. When Mirror's Edge worked and completely nailed that sense of fluidity, momentum and speed, it was literally breathtaking to behold. Mirror's Edge 2 is the sequel I never thought I'd see, and if they manage to make the already impressive character movement even more seamless and deliver a more compelling story, then we're going to have a truly phenomenal game on our hands. Oh, and that soundtrack. Give me some more of that.


Craig Snow, Editor-in-Chief

Aside from appealing new IPs, which is always at the top of my most wanted list for each E3 (especially from Sony and Microsoft this year - I want them to really go all out and convince us we should buy their next consoles), the game I most hope we see at E3 is Mirror's Edge 2. The more time that passes the more I appreciate the innovation and beauty of Mirror's Edge. First person platforming with insane amounts of depth and skill required to complete the time challenges but at the same time very enjoyable and exhilarating to play on a casual level too. And that stunning art style. Yes, more Mirror's Edge please.

I'm also curious to see Playdead reveal their second project. Limbo was a wonderful title; hopefully it wasn't just a one off. I'm not sure yet if they'll actually be at E3, but it would be a great place to show off their next title.

Finally, I would love to see The Last Guardian rise from the ashes of development hell and blow me away. Alas, I don't think it will happen. The studio is a husk of its former self it seems. RIP Team Ico.


Jake Weston, Reviewer

Despite a somewhat questionable reveal of Microsoft's Xbox One, I remain strangely intrigued with the new console/home media center despite rumors of a dictatorial Orwellian state imposed on your living room and used games. Of course, this is almost entirely due to the announcement of Quantum Break, the latest game from Remedy Entertainment, who are the minds behind Max Payne and Alan WakeMax Payne and Alan Wake being two of my favorite game series, anything coming from Remedy is guaranteed to pique my interest, regardless of platform. Coupled with the intriguing way Remedy has promised to crossover the game with the tie-in TV show (exclusive to Xbox TV, of course), and I am genuinely excited to see more of Quantum Break and Xbox One at this year's E3.


Gordon Bryant, Reviewer

Part of me is really excited to see what it is that Microsoft hasn't yet laid on the table since I'm hoping that Xbox One reveal was an aberration rather than what we can truly expect from the system. But in the end, I mostly just want to see Nintendo's offerings, even if most of their reveals will be done via Nintendo Direct. First and foremost, I want to see the Wi iU Iteration of Super Smash Brothers and its 3DS little brother, and I'm hoping beyond hope that some cross system functionality is shown. I also expect a Donkey Kong Country Returns sequel, due to that game's popularity and the fact it was just re-released on the 3DS. If those two games are shown, I'll be happy. From Sony I just want to see them support the Vita with some hard hitting exclusives. I know the PS4 is going to be awesome, and the PS3 remains a strong contender, so I'm hoping long-rumored Square Enix titles Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy Versus XIII are shown, and hopefully both are exclusives to maximize potential.


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