Destiny Shows a Bright Future for Bungie

Destiny Shows a Bright Future for Bungie - Preview

by Nick Pantazis, posted on 15 June 2013 / 1,926 Views

Bungie are experts at science fiction. Whether you love Halo or hate it (and those seem to be the only options for most), the universe is massively detailed and well-crafted. Bungie has moved on from that franchise now, but they are certainly pushing for the same universe crafting that made their games special in the first place. Destiny may be the biggest endeavor Bungie has ever undertaken.

In the private E3 demo Bungie took us through a more complete version of what you saw in the Sony conference. I won't go through all the details you already Because much of what makes Destiny special is in the world, the developers were kind enough to spend a little time looking around before heading right into the dungeon.


The world of Destiny is expansive and beautiful. The vistas in the distance and the lakes, lands, and surrounding roads were breathtaking to behold. One of the Bungie developers assured me if we followed a nearby highway it would go on for miles. He also said he could explore all this area that we could see. He could dive off into the lake and head the opposite direction.

Of course, he continued into the wall just as we saw in the E3 demo. This dungeon progressed pretty much the same as the demo we saw in the press conference (awkward pre-scripted dialog included) but they seemed to make more of an effort to use powers than in the previous demo, which made it feel less like a pure shooter.

As the Bungie developers arrived outside the world event we saw at the end of the conference demo began, but this time the video didn't end. More players joined in and they took on a large boss-like mech. The players could only expose the weak spot on the creature by taking out its legs first, adding a nice RPG feel to the battle. The demo ended with the defeat of the mech, but it left me confident that Destiny will be the awesome co-operative experience I want it to be, and with a massive world to explore with my friends. Destiny will launch on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 sometime in 2014.  

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