Valve's $2.8+ Million Dota 2 Tournament Kicks Off Today

Valve's $2.8+ Million Dota 2 Tournament Kicks Off Today - News

by Craig Snow, posted on 02 August 2013 / 1,213 Views

The International 2013, the third annual Dota 2 championship and the biggest tournament in eSports history will start just a few hours from now (four hours at the time of writing), as play-off teams Quantic and RSnake compete for the final coveted spot at the main event, which itself begins tomorrow with the preliminary stages.

The total prize pool for the tournament currently stands at $2.78 million but should hit $3.0 million before all is said and done thanks to community contributions, making it by far the most lucrative prize pool in all of eSports by a wide margin.

The competition can be watched live on, or in Dota 2 itself. For more information head on over the the official International page, which contains a complete break down of the schedule, teams, prize pool, format and much more.

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