Sony Announces Redesigned Vita Slim

Sony Announces Redesigned Vita Slim - News

by Arthur Kabrick, posted on 09 September 2013 / 3,137 Views

At its pre-TGS conference earlier today, Sony unveiled a new model of the PlayStation Vita which is to be released in Japan on 10th October, for 18,980 yen ($190/€145/£122). It will be available in six colours.

The system is be 15mm in width - 20 per cent thinner than the existing model - and weighs 219g, making it 15 per cent lighter. It includes 1GB of internal memory, which could potentially save the buyer the cost of buying an external memory card. The battery life is allegedly an hour longer than that of the launch model.

Balancing all of these improvements is a single disadvantage to picking up the new model: where the Vita boasts an OLED screen, the new model only features an LCD screen, which typically offers lower image quality.

However, Sony was quick to defend the quality of the new screen:

"Thanks to the rapid progress of LCD technology in recent years, the new display provides users with the highest-level image quality, perfect for deep and immersive gaming experience that is at the core of PS Vita."

No announcements have been made of the new model's release date in the west.

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