Kingdom Hearts III Gets a New Trailer from D23 Expo

Kingdom Hearts III Gets a New Trailer from D23 Expo - News

by Karl Koebke, posted on 15 October 2013 / 1,374 Views

Today at Japan's D23 Disney Expo the practically-mythical-at-this-point Kingdom Hearts III gave further proof of its existence.  The short trailer shows some combat which seems to take cues from Disneyland rides, such as an attack by Sora using a Pirate Ship ride (those boat rides that flip upside down) or flitting around a titan on a train-like roller coaster with a track coming in and out of existence.  Both of these attacks featured hundreds of bright lights across the vehicle, instantly reminding me of Disney's Electric Parade.  

It all looks incredibly impressive, but I have to wonder what the controls would be like during these sequences.  It's simply a target render, so for now we can just marvel at the new ideas being put into the next main entry to the Kingdom Hearts Franchise, even if their full implementation is unknown and difficult to envision.  

Kingdom Hearts III is scheduled to release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 although no date has been specified so we could still be in for quite a long wait.

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