Xbox One Can't Play Games Without Day One Update

Xbox One Can't Play Games Without Day One Update - News

by Nick Pantazis, posted on 09 November 2013 / 3,654 Views

Boy these day one updates are becoming quite the thing aren't they? The Wii U's 1GB day one patch was blasted by the media last year for its lengthy download and install times, but it could be done in the background while you played games. PS4 owners similarly discovered a more reasonably-sized 300MB update is required to enable pretty much every feature on the device except playing games, including remote play, watching movies, and any online features (including the ability to background download updates). 

Not to be outdone, Microsoft has a day one patch of their own, and not installing it makes your Xbox One a $500 doorstop. When asked what you could do straight out of the box, Microsoft senior director of product management Albert Penello told Engadget "Nothing. You need the day one update." This is surely a hangover from Microsoft's massive policy reversals following public outcry to the system's original near-constant need for an internet connection. If you want to use your next gen consoles, be prepared to make that internet connection, at least once. 

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