Football Manager 2013 Pirated Over 10 Million Times

Football Manager 2013 Pirated Over 10 Million Times - News

by Craig Snow, posted on 14 November 2013 / 1,766 Views

The figure comes courtesy of an interesting news piece by MCV, which was posted last night. Football Manager's Miles Jacobson revealed that Football Manager 2013 had been illegally downloaded 10.1 million times to-date.

Interestingly, the team was able to track the IPs of those illegal downloads thanks to a flaw in the crack of the game. Jacobson broke down some of the key figures they'd managed to discover as a result:

- China accounted for the most illegal downloads of any country, with 3.2 million.

- Turkey was second, with 1.05 million, Portugal third with 781,785, and Italy fourth with 547,000.

- Amusingly, one illegal download came from within the Vatican.

- 1.8 million of these downloaders played the game five times or more.

- The team estimated that this cost them about 176,000 sales, using a conversion figure of 1.74%.

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