Drakengard 3 Will Have DLC Costume Packs

Drakengard 3 Will Have DLC Costume Packs - News

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 17 December 2013 / 1,606 Views

Fewer words strike as much fear into the hearts of gamers as "Day One DLC", but Square is doing it for Drakengard 3. Fortunately, however, it's not anything extravagant - like new levels or secret chapters - it's just an alternate colour scheme.

On 19th December, the game's Japanese release date, players will able to download a differently-coloured costume for Zero for free. Well, having something for nothing is nice and all but one wonders why it's not already on the disk...

In any case, Zero will also get outfits based on the heroes of previous Cavia games, with costumes based on the original Drakengard's hero Caim and his sister Furiae, along with one based on the Japanese-exclusive young Nier from the game of the same name, being released on December 26th in Japan. This will be followed in early 2014 by outfits of Drakengard 2's Manah and Eris. Presumably a Nowe outfit was deemed too embarrassing to contemplate. 

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