Microsoft Hiring Ex-Sony Santa Monica Staff

Microsoft Hiring Ex-Sony Santa Monica Staff - News

by Patrick Day-Childs, posted on 26 February 2014 / 7,840 Views

As reported earlier, Sony Santa Monica has been hit by significant staff lay-offs, and there are reports that a project has been cancelled in the process. It's come to light that Microsoft are now hiring said ex-staff.

The news has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, which could be exactly what Microsoft need right now considering the recent price drop.

Phil Spencer was asked on Twitter:

"With IG closing SSM lay offs, MS should be able to scoop up a lot of talent for BT and new studios, don't you agree, Phil? #helpDEVS"

To which he replied:

"Like the #helpDEVS tag. Keep that one going. We've reached out and are engaged in hiring."

Hopefully those developers that were let go by Sony Santa Monica over the last couple of days manage find new jobs, be they at Microsoft or elsewhere.

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