Gaming's Top 5 April Fools Jokes

Gaming's Top 5 April Fools Jokes - Article

by Nick Pantazis, posted on 01 April 2014 / 6,583 Views

It's a pretty irritating day to be a member of the gaming press, because it's almost impossible to report the news. Any "big" announcements are fake and even if one were real, no one would believe us. So instead I'm presenting you with the top 5 gaming April Fools jokes. 



April Fools  2

Ok so I admit this one takes a small amount of explanation. Megane is the Japanese word for glasses, which should make this funny little pun fall into place for you. It's funny looking and an entertaining pun, and their account is full of pictures which can be clicked on for testimonial tweets (in Japanese, but Google Translate should get you the gist of it). You can check out the website here. 


Nester Joins Super Smash Bros. 

April Fools  1

You may have to be a certain age to get this prank by Sora LTD's Sakurai about the next Super Smash Bros. challenger. Nester was Nintendo Power's mascot from 1989 to 1993. He didn't really do anything, which you'll see holds true for his (fake) Smash Bros. adaptation if you visit the official website right here.

Thief: The JRPG

AF  1

If you visit Square Enix's Japanese website today you'll find a "playable" version of Thief as a JRPG. The only options are humorously to steal and run, the latter of which will take you to the website proper. Check it out in action here.

Optimus Prime Prepares to Drop in Titanfall

In probably the biggest case of "I wish it were true" of all the April Fools pranks this year, Respawn made a trailer of Optimus Prime Titanfall DLC. The autobot leader came with custom dialog in the trailer, as well as his trademark energy axe. Sadly there's no evidence that Respawn has any intention of letting you actually use this skin. 


Google Hunts for Pokemon Masters

Google may not exactly be a gaming company in practice but they certainly are in spirit. The latest in a series of "not serious enough to be annoying" Google April Fools jokes, Google created a video about actually hunting for Pokemon across the world. In companion to this, the Google Maps app lets you hunt for 150 Pokemon scattered around the world on your touchscreen, adding each to a built-in Pokedex as you gather them by tapping on them on the map. It's a harmless and entertaining joke from a company that continues to set the gold standard for April Fools fun. 

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