Rainbow Six: Siege Announced

Rainbow Six: Siege Announced - News

by Craig Snow, posted on 09 June 2014 / 1,030 Views

The big reveal of Ubisoft's E3 conference was Rainbow Six: Siege. Ubisoft certainly know how to end their shows, and this year it was with an impressive recorded/staged gameplay demo for what appears to be a multiplayer-centric entry in the Rainbow Six series. The demo showed one team of defenders, fortifying a suburban house where they had captured a hostage. The other team - the rescuers - formulated a quick plan of action before commencing their invasion of the house.

It showed the usual array of gadgets and weaponry we've come to expect from the series which, as host Aisha Tyler pointed out afterwards, hasn't had a mainline entry for six years, as well as defensive options for the defending team - booby traps were mentioned, and we could see them fortifying the windows and walls.

You can check out the full demo in the trailer below:

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