Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Releasing on PS3 this Month

Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Releasing on PS3 this Month - News

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 02 July 2014 / 1,489 Views

The PlayStation Blog has unveiled a new downloadable title for PS3, launching next week in North America. Polina Belavskaya, Project Manager at Alawar Entertainment, states that the game lies within the "hidden object puzzle adventure" genre and provided a tongue-in-cheek synopsis:

"Nothing can ruin a marriage proposal like an uninvited guest, especially when the guest is a demon that feeds on human suffering.

Mark had planned the perfect evening: first, a romantic dinner at his girlfriend’s apartment, then getting smothered with kisses after he popped the question.

He would have pulled it off, too, if it hadn’t been for the spell book he found on the terrace. AND if he hadn’t read the ancient words scribbled on its pages. Has this guy never seen “Evil Dead?”

In a fury of flame and hell smoke, there she was: Lilit, complete with black lips, nails to die for (or die by), and a pair of devilish horns. In a flash, she snatched up Mark and dragged him to the underworld. Think of the last shot of “Drag Me To Hell” on steroids.

Tiffany, of course, wasn’t going to let another woman steal her man, so she set out to get him back."

Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death makes use of puzzles and mini-games and even implements the PlayStation Move, for those with the option. Belavskaya stated the PlayStation Move will make for easier navigation throughout the game world.

No price was mentioned in the blog post, but if you are interested in seeing what Alawar Entertainment has created, keep your eye on the PlayStation Store on July 8th. Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death will also be available on Windows and Mac, as well as iOS devices.

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