Square Enix Profitable in Latest Quarter, Stronger than Expected Sales - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 August 2014 / 4,505 Views

Square Enix has released its quarterly report for its first fiscal quarter, which ended on June 30, 2014. Revenue for the publisher jumped 57 percent from 24.1 billion yen during the same quarter a year ago to 37.8 billion yen. A year ago Square Enix lost 493 million yen, while this quarter the publisher recorded a profit of 3.4 billion yen.

The increase sales was not due to new releases, but the continued strong sales games released the previous fiscal year. Murdered: Soul Suspect was the only game released this quarter, which has poor reviews. Final Fantasy XIV has seen strong sales, as well Square Enix mobile games.

Square Enix has increased its six-month forecast to 5 billion yen in profits, as the publisher continues to reduce costs. Revenue is expected to be between 68 billion yen and 74 billion yen in the next quarter, which ends September 30, 2014.


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deskpro2k3 (on 06 August 2014)

FFXIV saves the day again.

Devil_Survivor (on 06 August 2014)

Bravely Default helped too ;).

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fluky-nintendy (on 06 August 2014)

People should really start to convert Yen to US dollar or euro! Everywhere I go, I have to go check what those billions mean.

Mnementh (on 07 August 2014)

That's not good. If you compare last years numbers with this year people often take the Dollar-number instead of the original, although the comparison is skewed extremely with changes in currency-exchange. No no, that's good, although a addition in parentheses what that would mean in euro wouldn't be too bad.

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NoirSon (on 08 August 2014)

Tomb Raider, Bravely Default, FF XIV, various remasterings of Kingdom Hearts plus classic Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games. Now if only they had some courage and speed up the potential release of Dragon Quest VII for the 3DS.

Michael-5 (on 07 August 2014)

Final Fantasy 1-VI on mobile sounds awesome, I hope Square Enix ports over some of their PS1 entries.