Tetris Paid Downloads Top 425 Million on Mobile - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 08 April 2014 / 3,893 Views

The puzzle game Tetris has topped 425 million paid downloads on mobile. This is several times what boxed versions of the game has sold. The original Game Boy version sold 35 million units, with all boxed version selling about 70 million units. This news comes from Tetris creator Henk Rogers who spoke with Venturebeat.

"You could spend a couple of million dollars and build a great product in the old days, and then you’d know that a certain number of them would be sold," said Rogers. "Nowadays, you have to build the game and then hope you can keep nickel-and-dime-ing people afterward. You have to interrupt the experience asking for money, and I think it takes away from the game."

"I was talking to my driver today, and he couldn’t get around the idea of having to pay to play Tetris. What’s wrong with paying a little money?," he said. "People won’t spend the amount of money they’d spend on a cup of coffee for a game that could last them weeks. The value proposition’s gotten all screwed up. People expect something for nothing."

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sethnintendo (on 08 April 2014)

Screw F2P games. I would have probably bought Tetris on Android if it weren't for the fact that EA published it. Most of their mobile games are full of bugs and crashes.

mochachino (on 08 April 2014)

Oh my god, these are the most relevant words uttered with respect to the future of gaming. .

KingCherry (on 08 April 2014)

Err? So the taxi driver as wrong then?! Is Tetris the best selling game ever then? 500 Million sold, at least...