Animal Crossing: New Leaf Sales Top 7.3 Million Units - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 20 March 2014 / 5,994 Views

Nintendo 3DS title Animal Crossing: New Leaf has sold more than 7.3 million units, according to Katsuya Eguchi who spoke with Polygon. This figure is one million higher than the 6.35 million units sold in October 2013. The 3DS has also sold more than 42.7 million units.

"When I was starting in the game industry, it wasn't uncommon to be the only woman on the entire team," project leader Aya Kyogoku said. "I always felt welcome and I never felt awkward. In my years at Nintendo, I have come to discover that when there are women in a variety of roles on the project, you get a wider [range] of ideas."

"So when you are trying to create something that will appeal to many types of people, I have experienced how beneficial it is to have diversity on your team."

The Animal Crossing franchise has grown in popularity since the original launch for the Nintendo 64. It has gone from selling in the hundreds of thousands of units to millions.

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NintendoPie (on 20 March 2014)

I wonder how far off VGC really is considering I doubt this is the sold-to customer figure. I'm willing to wager that VGC is at least slightly under tracking this.

Jranation (on 21 March 2014)

i think its because a lot of people downloaded this, and VGC doesnt count digital sales

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garretslarrity (on 20 March 2014)

Sold or shipped? Nintendo reported 7.38 copies sold (and that means shipped) including digital sales of the end of 2013. Could the sold figure by now really be at 7.3M already?

the_dengle (on 20 March 2014)

Most likely she was just referencing the most recently reported figure.

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piggychan (on 20 March 2014)

well there is also the digital version. But anyway amazing game on Nintendo !!

Majora (on 20 March 2014)

Love this series. Well deserved - a true gem and a beacon of light amongst all the gloom

Rogerioandrade (on 21 March 2014)

Considering that AC New Leaf sold a lot on digital format, those figures may be close to the reality. I always get a lot of streetpasses for AC NL everyday, more than any other game, except pokemon

HylianSwordsman (on 21 March 2014)

Hmm, even with digital included in this figure, it makes me think VGC is undertracking New Leaf. I hope so. This game is the best in the series hands down, it deserves much better sales. I'd like to see it top Wild World someday.

Jranation (on 21 March 2014)

I cant wait, on what they will improve if it goes on wii u

Dechizen (on 21 March 2014)

the kids love these type of games

Nintentacle (on 20 March 2014)

So It's outsold Galaxy 2? Awesome.