3DS vs PlayStation Vita – VGChartz Gap Charts – September 2013 Update - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 25 October 2013 / 14,319 Views

Welcome to the VGChartz Gap charts. The charts will be updated monthly and each article will focus on a different gap chart. The charts include comparisons between the 7th generation and 8th generation, as well as comparing the 8th generation consoles.

3DS vs Vita – VGCharts Gap Charts

3DS Vs. PlayStation Vita Global:

Gap change in latest month: 1,112,507 – 3DS

Gap change over last 12 months: 10,945,471 – 3DS

Total Lead: 28,936,181 – 3DS

3DS Total Sales: 34,739,482

PlayStation Vita Total Sales: 5,803,301

In the latest month the gap grew an extra 1,112,507 units in favor of the 3DS. The current gap at the end of September 2013 is 28.936.181 and is showing no signs of shrinking. Also over the last 12 months the 3DS has sold 10.95 million more units.

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Michael-5 (on 25 October 2013)

Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Zelda, and the 2DS should widen that gap significantly this fall.

Kaizar (on 25 October 2013)

I honestly think the 2DS will sell no more then the PS Vita at best.

Everyone would rather buy a 3DS for more money then the 2DS.

Plus parents and grandparents will think the 2DS can't paly 3DS games, because 2DS suggest it came out before 3DS, and that the 2DS can't play 2DS games. Don't forget that the game boxes say 3DS right on the cover.

Games like Kid Icarus: Uprising & The Wonderful 101 will go on to sell a way lot more during these next 3 to 5 years, once more people eventually buy the systems (3DS & Wii U), dispite how much they have been fighting it.

If I'm right and the 2DS sells less then the PS Vita, then Nintendo will discontinue the 2DS. Which I predict will happen. But the 3DS & 3DS XL will go on to sell more then 150 million more then what they have sold so far.

So just keep an eye out for my predictions, everyone.

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Ganoncrotch (on 28 October 2013)

regarding the psp to gameboy comparison that is exactly what I mean, for the first step into the handheld gaming world Sony did just as well as the big N but the vita was a royal slip up after the success of the psp

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Ganoncrotch (on 28 October 2013)

and I definately didn't reply to the wrong string of messages! nope. :D

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Proxy-Pie (on 25 October 2013)

what happened to the Vita? Sony had all the hype on the webs, everyone automatically assumed that the Vita will destroy the 3DS, but after release, things went downhill, the 3DS recieved an amazing amount of quality titles in such a short time, while the Vita barely had anything to get excited for. difference in development is similar for the 2 platforms; roughly the same as their company's 7th gen home console, but Nintendo abandoned the Wii and went overkill with the 3DS, whil Sony kept focusing on the PS3 with little to no support for the Vita. it really makes you think though, maybe Nintendo abandoning the Wii which was reaching the end of it's lifecycle for the sake of pushing 3DS and WiiU was a better decision than Sony continuing making games for the PS3 even after the PS4's release instead of focusing on the Vita which is the one that really needs that first party push that the aging PS3 is getting.

BuckStud (on 25 October 2013)

The exact same hype was around when the PSP came out...it was suppose to destroy the DS. We see how that one turned out.

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Ganoncrotch (on 25 October 2013)

psp and vita have the same issue, the majority of it's games are available on a home system and in some cases are designed as such. Some of the design of the games which spin off from the ps3 to the vita just leave me begging for them to have been left alone, pushing stuff back and forth with the front and back touch screens is fun in LBP the first time but after doing it 2 times it's nothing more than the game obnoxiously telling you that the vita has two touch screens and sexually attracts fingerprints... Same with drakes, the game had the potential to be a perfect console port when it came to controls, nope to pick up guns you gotta tap that screen and god help you if a gun falls on a ledge, cause tapping a ledge will climb up/down it, exactly what you want to be doing during a gun fight. the system has a touch screen but it's near impossible to use during gameplay.

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Ganoncrotch (on 25 October 2013)

Just to point out here I'm in no way saying that the Vita has bad controls, quite the opposite the sticks and button layout are beautiful and really feel just like having a DS3 in your hands to play with games which are 100% controller based. It is more when games try to remind you that it's fitted with gyro's and the touch screens which drag you away from it's god like sticks and buttons.

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spemanig (on 25 October 2013)

"Sony had all the hype on the webs, everyone automatically assumed that the Vita will destroy the 3DS, but after release, things went downhill, the 3DS recieved an amazing amount of quality titles in such a short time, while the Vita barely had anything to get excited for."

Sounds exactly like the PS4 vs. the Wii U, doesn't it? :P Nintendo system comes out a year early, performs like crap, next gen Sony system is announced, internet hype goes insane, preorders sell out, breaks records, Nintendo console is "doomed," then Nintendo brings a price cut and first party software as Sony's new system comes out, Sony can't compete.

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Michael-5 (on 25 October 2013)

Sony, and Japanese developers are also the problem here. Sony supported the PSP quite a bit more then the PSV with Gran Turismo, God of War, Jeanne d'Arc and others. PSP is getting very little support from Sony, and a lot of Japanese devs have migrated to Nintendo (Capcom - Monster Hunter, Square Enix, even Namco). So not only is PSV making the same mistake PSP early on by making console ports, but it's also not getting its share of quality exclusives.

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JWeinCom (on 25 October 2013)

The difference here is simple. Sony doesn't care. Nintendo NEEDS their portable division to thrive. They have a monopoly over that area (let's not get into iPhone and Droid right now...) and that has helped keep the company in the black while their consoles have struggled, as well as helped introduce their franchises to a younger generation of gamers. I honestly don't think Nintendo could survive as a hardware manufacturer without their handhelds.

Sony on the other hand doesn't need the handheld division. They thought "hey Nintendo is making a lot of money on handhelds. Let's make our own, earn a few bucks, and weaken Nintendo". The PSP did decently, but it was never a priority.

So, when the 3DS started failing, Nintendo reacted strongly. Notice how they were reluctant to cut the price of the Wii U, but slashed it so quickly on the 3DS? Part of that is because of the margin involved, but another part is that the 3DS is probably more vital to them. They slashed the price, and rushed 3DS game production to the point where it slowed the Wii U launch (according to Nintendo).

When the Vita started failing, Sony twiddled their thumbs. Their basic attitude seemed to be, "What can we do to boost the Vita without actually using up any resources or making an investment?" So, they got indie developers on board, funded some ports like Amazing Spider-man Epic Mickey, and Borderlands 2, added Vita support to the PS4, and got some PS3 games like Dragon Crown to be ported over. All things that cost very little to Sony. Everything they could do to help it without actually investing money or using up top developers. Eventually, they did bite the bullet with a price cut, but too little too late.

It's a matter of priorities. The 3DS is a priority to Nintendo, and they've never done anything to give the impression it is less important than their console division (if anything, they've done the opposite). Tons of support, top tier developers (Smash was put on hold for Kid Icarus Uprising for crying out loud), swift corrective actions, tons of promotion, and so on. Meanwhile, Sony has showed at every turn that handheld gaming is simply not a factor. Sony doesn't have the motivation to succeed in that market.

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Ganoncrotch (on 26 October 2013)

JWeinCom when you say the psp done decently well you do realize that the psp was only just recently surpassed by the ps3 in global units sold and for a first handheld from a company smashed expectations by the end of it's lifetime.

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Proxy-Pie (on 26 October 2013)

ganon, yeah so did the gamboy. 110 million + sold.

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Ganoncrotch (on 26 October 2013)

You know the sadist thing about this if you happen to own both machines is just how much a beautiful piece of kit the Vita is, from it's sticks, Oled screen, blisteringly fast processor for a handheld.... I mean how fast it can hop from app to app or even open up apps from the live arena, its a marvelous piece of technology which deserves much better than this. You know what I would put down as it's biggest weakness tho over where the 3ds shines brightly, it has to be in the backwards compatibility, sure you can buy a lot of the psp titles again off the store if you want when they come out to it, but after the 3ds launched Nintendo/gamefreak put Pokemon Black/White 2 on the DS but everyone with a ds/3ds could buy and enjoy the game, in Japan there are still amazing psp games coming out every month and if you want to buy them day one you need to own a psp for it, which created competition between generations for the Vita, the 3ds was an upgrade, the Vita you got alongside your current psp if you want to enjoy all of the Sony handheld goodness. Also worth noting is if you do want to get a psp library on the Vita you need a lot of storage and that is by no means cheap when it comes to the Vita especially when you consider the majority of PSP titles come in at over 1gb easily.

Salnax (on 25 October 2013)

That Monster Hunter 4 spike at the end!

Ganoncrotch (on 25 October 2013)

aye, the nail on the coffin so to speak.

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