When World War Z arrives, how long will you survive? - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 19 September 2013 / 7,269 Views

We have teamed up with Paramount Pictures to tell you about their World War Z Survival Challenge. Test your survival instincts with a dynamic visual quiz, get your percentile rank compared to your Facebook friends and other worldwide users. The quiz is optimized to be accessible from all platforms  (PC, Mobile, Tablet) and has sharable social cards with personalized survival estimates.

Competition Prizes

You can submit their own questions for a chance be included in the survival quiz and win:

  • iPad Mini
  • World War Z Blu-ray Combo Pack
  • World War Z Backpack
  • Hammock
  • Metal Water Bottle
  • Head Lamp





Take part in the challenge now to find out at http://www.worldwarzmovie.com/SurvivalChallenge/

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GameAnalyser (on 22 September 2013)

Oh God, don't do this to me yet...i've got many TO-DO things in my list without Zombies.

SnakeDrake (on 21 September 2013)

Some of the answers are really questionable

sethnintendo (on 20 September 2013)

Survive a zombie apocalypse? I'd just relocate to a sparsely populated area such as the northwestern states, Alaska, or Canada.

Jon-Erich (on 20 September 2013)

People tried to do that in the book (which btw, has absolutely nothing in common with the movie other than the name of one single character) and as a result, Canada's forests were destroyed and millions of people either died due to the longer winters because of all the crap in the atmosphere. Those who survived in the north often relied on cannibalism. So unless you're an expert in outdoor survival, the north sin't such a great idea.

  • +1
Kaizar (on 20 September 2013)

No 3D Blu-Ray, no deal. The movie is at its most awesomeness in 3D only.