Ridiculous Fishing Sells 300,000 Units - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 20 August 2013 / 4,014 Views

Vlambeer founders Jan Willem Nijman and Rami Ismail announced that their game Ridiculous Fishing has sold 300,000 units on the Apple App Store at a GDC Europe presentation. The game is available for $3, which would mean the game has generated $900,000 in revenue.

The game was almost free-to-play and players would have been able to purchase additional boats and one would have cost $1,000. However, the developer decided against this and released the full game for just $3.

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aindusvc (on 23 August 2013)

famousringo (on 20 August 2013)

Freemium isn't the only way, folks.