Xbox One to Hit Certain Asian Markets in Late 2014 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 12 June 2013 / 3,925 Views

Microsoft’s regional vice president Alan Bowman spoke with the Wall Street Journal following the Microsoft E3 Press Conference. He stated that Microsoft will be staggering the release of the Xbox One. At least in Asia.

The Xbox One won't launch until late 2014 in Asia and Bowman only mentioned Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and India, He stated those are the fastest growing markets for video games in Asia right now.

He also stated that Microsoft will focus on expanding the Xbox 360 in the region and expanding the number of games available. Sales of the Xbox 360 are expected to remain strong in the region, until the release of the Xbox One.

The Xbox One Kinect sensor will also be fine tuned to suit the Asian market. Living spaces are smaller in the region and the room size requirements will be "dramatically reduced."

"We listened to the feedback, not everyone in Asia has living rooms," said Mr. Bowman. "The field of vision required for Kinect is much smaller."

Microsoft also hopes to improve its relationship with Japanese and Korean game developers, because it is crucial for the Xbox One to be a success in Asia.

"We have deepened our relationship with Japanese publishers," Mr. Bowman said. "This is absolutely key to our business."

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Skrunch-a-tron (on 12 June 2013)

>Implying 360 sales are strong in asia.

Michael-5 (on 12 June 2013)

So, when's the Japanese release planned?