Muramasa: The Demon Blade Vita Sales Reach 100,000 in Japan - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 May 2013 / 5,739 Views

Publisher Marvelous AQL has Tweeted that its action RPG PlayStation Vita port Muramasa Rebirth sales have reached 100,000 units. This figure includes both retail sales, as well as digital sales. The game has sold 64,655 units at retail in Japan. That put digital sales around 35,000 units.

"Thanks to your support of the announcements list in Oboro Muramasa Vita sales exceeded 100,000 books!," said publisher Marvelous AQL, translated by Google. "Still thank cheer! Sales of domestic sales of the package and is the total number of download sales."

The game released in Japan on March 28, 2013 and is set to be released in North America on June 25.

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naruball (on 01 May 2013)

I think it's possible that they're talking about shipments, which would make digital sales a bit lower than 35k, right?

BaldrSkies (on 01 May 2013)

The original Wii game sold 23k first week and 75k lifetime (including 29k from the later released discount version). Quite a nice improvement already for a remaster on a system with much lower install base.

FujiokaMidori (on 01 May 2013)

Probably because Nintendo doesn't ever advertise those kind of games. If it's not Mario or Donkey Kong, you'll never see it at E3 and such

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Devil_Survivor (on 02 May 2013)

you might to revise your comment after you look at this:

A little more than 75k lifetime lol.

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Devil_Survivor (on 02 May 2013)

Ok, I look the VGchartz page for the Wii version and it says 560,000 units sold, so where did you get your numbers from?

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BaldrSkies (on 02 May 2013)

I'm talking about Japan, because that's what the sales figure is about.
We all know the overtracking problems VGC has.

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Araknie (on 02 May 2013)

110.000 in Japan the Wii version, how 100.000 is more. Plus the game got released all over the world for a total of 560.000. Plus, according to MediaCreate it sold 60.000 on PSVita first week and there is not yet data for the second week. And i've been to their site. Yes, in Japanese.

Mnementh (on 02 May 2013)

That's the same game as on Wii, right? Then the game really deserves good sales, it is a good game. Whoever doesn't have it, should get one, regardless if it is on Wii or on Vita.

oniyide (on 02 May 2013)

These are good sales considering its a port of a game that is kinda old already and could be bought for cheap on a console that was pretty popular. Im gonna pass myself as i already played it on Wii.