Tech Writer: Next Xbox to be Priced at $500, $300 with Subscription - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 08 April 2013 / 3,108 Views

Tech journalist Paul Thurrott spoke with the Youtube video podcast What The Tech about Microsoft's next generation Xbox. He says it will cost $500 at launch or $300 with a subscription. The cheaper subscription is not a surprise because Microsoft is currently selling the Xbox 360 for $99 with a two year subscription at $15 per month.

"Durango is going to be expensive - $500, $300 with a subscription - that kind of thing," said Thurrott.

Thurrott also said that Microsoft has moved back when they will announce the next Xbox. Originally they had planned an unveil on April 24, but it will now take place on May 21. This is just three weeks before E3. The Xbox 360 was unveiled on May 12, 2005 on MTV, so this wouldn't be the first time Microsoft unveiled a gaming console at a special event.

"Originally, they were going to announce this thing on April 24. Now they're going to announce it on May 21," Thurrott said. We know there are events occurring this year where we're going to learn more about Durango."

"E3 is going to occur, Build is going to occur in San Francisco in June when they're going to talk about the developer story because it's a Windows 8 device. It's going to have the same, or basically the same, developer tools and developer APIs," he continued.

In a post on Supersite for Windows Thurrott stated that the next Xbox will always be online. This strategy is to be kept inline with the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

"Folks, the next Xbox is going to require an always-on Internet connection," said Thurrot. "...this piece of information had been communicated to me, along with some other relevant tidbits, in January. It’s true."

"Will Microsoft change this requirement in the wake of early outrage? Frankly I think we’re too far along in the development process of the next Xbox, codenamed Durango, to make such a change," he added.

"More to the point, I think that an always-on Xbox is directly in keeping with Microsoft’s strategy for all next-generation platforms, including Windows Phone (all versions) and Windows 8/RT, which are designed to work as if you are simply connected all the time. Yes, they do work offline, of course," he continued. "But the apps platform on these systems—which will be replicated on the Windows 8-based next Xbox—assumes a connection. Microsoft’s new platforms are integrated conduits for online services."

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LiquorandGunFun (on 08 April 2013)

ewwww windows 8 i already went back to 7

Ganoncrotch (on 08 April 2013)

Tech journalist... talking on a youtube podcast, as much as this is kinda odd to say but I'd rather put my ear up to a shell than someones ramblings on youtube about the next gen of xbox.

FreeTalkLive (on 08 April 2013)

If it is always on, the cuts the possible market by 100s of millions of people.

r3tr0gam3r1337 (on 11 April 2013)

hang on, microsoft are selling the 360 for $99 where you have to pay $15 a month for 2 years bringing the total cost to $460 on an 8 year old console, why are people stiff defending microsoft when they are ripping people off like that, this is one of many reasons why ive gone back to PC gaming as the games cost less to buy and online games dont require a subscription or forced subscription (unless its WOW or Final fantasy 11 etc), people alway go on about the costs or buying/building a PC but when you factor in a 360 that will cost you $460 over 2 years a fairly decent budget PC for a little more will set you up for at least 2-3 years then its just a case for upgrades.

nightsurge (on 08 April 2013)

If this pricing is true, I expect the PS4 to be $500/$600 or be taking a major loss per unit sold. The PS4 specs are arguably quite a bit more expensive than the rumoured 720 specs. Unless MS tweaked things after the February reveal. Sony once said "Why go first when the competitors can see what you are doing and react?" Well.... why the heck did Sony then go and do just that? They should have waited for E3 and given MS no time to react. Of course, this is going by the assumption that they changed something since then, which MS may not have.

AnthonyW86 (on 08 April 2013)

Looks like Microsoft is trying to make a profit on it from the get go. I still expect PS4 to be $400/$450 max for the cheapest sku. Combined with an always online requirement i don't see how it will be a succes outside the U.S.